Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Is Mayor Mike Bloomberg really the

And WORSE than Giuliani and Bush?

Let us count the ways!



Maniacal unPresident Bush---even at the heights of his totalitarian powers---never so much as tried to overturn the term limits that automatically took his power away after two terms. (Ditto Dick Cheney.) And likewise, powermad Giuliani didn't steal millions of your taxdollars to bribe the City Council to overturn term limits for him either!

Verdict: Bloomberg is the WORST politician in US history, and one of the worst on the entire planet today, based just on this one extremely corrupt overthrowing of democracy and the referendum votes of The People. Nixon and Reagan---two of the most lawless politicians in American history---didn't even try this either!! (Of course, this is the same piece of garbage---Bloombag----who said Bush should be president even if everyone agrees 600,000 more Americans voted for Al Gore across the nation. Bloomberg hates the Popular Vote and every single aspect of "democracy". He also has said residents of a community should have NO SAY in how what the mayor does to their neighborhoods! And he got caught in hundreds of separate lies and criminal acts just on the Term Limits scandal alone, but the media kept it all secret. More on this later.)



Bloombag did more to destroy his city’s economy than any other mayor in US history.

For instance, his fraudulent and illegal 25% PROPERTY TAX hike in just 8 years is beyond corrupt: it took billions more dollars out of your pockets, in every way. (It may be even more than the combined 18% [2002] and 7.5% [2009] property tax hikes I know about, but Tax Hike Mike does everything in SECRET, so it's hard to find out all the details of his crimes because the media won't report most of it.)

this dishonest tax hike ALONE increased the cost of everything in NYC, from a beer at the pub to a slice of pizza, b/c landlords had to increase rents and all businesses had to increase their prices to pay their insane rents and the mayor’s illegal property tax hike. ALL because of Tax Hike Mike’s fiscal dishonesty.) And Bloombag’s support of fraudulent MTA fare hikes (the largest in history!), fraudulent Con Ed hikes (ditto!) and on and on took billions more out of the pockets of New Yorkers and tourists too.

Those were billions you could no longer spend at the movies, or a restaurant, or a show , or to buy new clothes, etc. In fact, Bloombag (and his best pal Bush) directly began the recession long before Wall Street and our national economy collapsed! (Somehow people forget the world recession began... in NYC... under the watch of the KING OF FINANCIAL INFORMATION!!!!!!)

Bloombag also ballooned water rates and every other tax and bill he was able to (which is why the NYPost and the Republicans endorsed him over and over!) And then stole most of that extra cash! (Does no one wonder how he increased NYC’s tax revenue by over a hundred billion dollars, yet our DEBT keeps growing and growing? The more money you make, the LOWER your debt should grow, duh! Unless you're the worst money manager in history.) (Ditto The MTA, which MIKE BLOOMBAG partially runs--another secret the media keeps from you! The more they raise the fares, the deeper-in-debt they get! That means only one thing: record mismanagement.)

(I have compiled more concrete scandals about this crook than you or I can process. For instance, MIKE BLOOMBAG is the number one man responsible for all of Con Ed's FRAUDULENT rate hikes, but don't get me started. It's FAR more corrupt than you suspect. If you knew what Bloombag and Con Ed were up to, you might riot, so the government and media keep it secret. EX: Bloombag not only supported YOU paying Kevin Burke, the criminal CEO of Con Ed, over a million dollar salary, Bloombag supported crook Burke getting a MILLION DOLLAR BONUS with YOUR stolen money! No wonder they need to keep raising your rates, suckers!) (Ask me for more if you've got the stomach.)



this list addresses RANDOM crimes by our sleazy mayor and doesn’t include some of his most serious crimes
, because there are too many to list (unless you can find me a 500 million-word column!)

FIRST, I'm trying to show you things he did that even Bush and Giuliani didn't do, to put Psycho Bloombag's evil into full perspective. (Some of his biggest crimes I'll tell you about later in this list.)

Also note that this man has gotten caught in tens of thousands of different scandals (from the Deutsche Bank super-scandal where Mike helped kill 2 firemen and was almost arrested by D.A. Morgenthau to Bloombag lying to the IRS about the illegal Yankee Stadium scandals) and has gotten caught lying about almost everything he has said and done. Read on, and help us spread the word about the WORST MAYOR EVER.



did you know that Tax Hike Mike Bloomberg HIMSELF says his entire life was dedicated to making himself excessively rich and his mission statement was TO MAKE THE RICH RICHER? (His Bloombag Machines were invented to help rich wall street get even richer. He has boldy never done anything for the middle class or little people.)

When asked a few months ago what his first political act in his life was, he said RUNNING FOR MAYOR IN 2001! (You mean this billionaire---for 60 YEARS---never cared one iota about ANY of America or NYC's problems, unlike a George Soros billionaire, who used his riches to help society in many ways! But that chimp Bono hails Mike for his PR stunts today!?) I BELIEVE MIKE ON THIS ONE: he went 60 years without trying to help the world, even though he had the power to do so!

WE KNEW HE WAS A TOTAL scumbag before he ran for office in 2001. (Likewise, we knew he was a power-mad dictator. A humble person doesn't name all his companies after himself! Only a megalomaniac with serious mental issues does this.) (Trump's dad was already a famous real estate magnate, and the name "Trump" is great for business. "Bloomberg" had no such logical motives. He did it TO SELF-PROMOTE, SELF-PROMOTE, SELF-PROMOTE, [sound familiar?] proving he couldn't be more UNFIT for public service!)

His record-shattering campaigns have all been about nothing but promoting his NAME and FACE! His ads don't list all his great deeds. They show pointless, politics-as-usual photos of him with the elderly; with schoolkids; with minorities; etc. NO SUBSTANCE. He's just using all KARL ROVE tricks of Stalin-like propaganda.)



BLOOMBAG is the first mayor in NYC who destroyed world-famous CONEY ISLAND.

This "one" scandal involves hundreds of separate scandals but I'll just list a few right here:


Even Bloombag's staunchest critics did not get the story right. It's FAR worse than even Bloombag Haters think. For instance, they blame Joe Sitt / THOR Equities for buying up the amusements and shutting them down, but this is missplaced criticism: THOR ONLY BOUGHT THE PROPERTY IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE BLOOMBAG announced he was going to rezone a world-famous landmark amusement park for luxury condos, hotels, and chain stores! Comprende? The ONLY reason Thor bought the property was because the criminals in the Bloombag Administration promised to be the FIRST City Hall to kill Coney Island. (Even Psycho Giuliani didn't rezone Coney Island for luxury condos!!!) And now, Bloombag has promised to BUY the property it (secretly) encouraged THOR to purchase for bottom dollar prices (done before the area was secretly rezoned!) using YOUR tax dollars, suckers!! (Bloombag will pay his rich developer pal Sitt tons more cash than he paid! Over $100,000,000 STOLEN from you! It was a classic Boss Tweed shell game! More on this later.)


Bloombag wants to remove amusements to let his rich pals build luxury condos (sound familiar?) overlooking the ocean (so the rich can get much much richer while the rest of us lose yet another landmark). His goal is to move out the working class because he thinks the best views belong to the rich. (Sound familiar?)


he's trying to move in as many generic corporate chain stores to destroy local businesses. (Sound familiar?) Do YOU go to Coney Island for a Chase Manhattan Bank or a Dunkin' Donuts?


he let the boardwalk decay like we've never seen before. (Thousands of wood slats are dangerously broken! It's a ghetto run solely by Mike Bloombag.) His latest plan is to make the whole boardwalk out of PLASTIC! Sounds great, right?

And the fact that he's doing this all IN SECRET should tell you how honest and sincere he is.





This one super-scandal alone deserves an entire website, because the shocking details are too extensive to do justice here.

You probably fell for his P.R. hoax about planting "a million trees", but it was ALL LIES designed to trick gullible taxpayers, as this SUPERCRIMINAL gratuitiously cut down THOUSANDS of mature, healthy trees all across the city, for illegal reasons. (ex: McCombs Park. Washington Square Park. East River Park. Fulton Mall. And on and on. Heck, even the papers that endorsed Emperor Scumbag reported that the mayor cut down thousands of healthy trees just on Randall's Island!!)


Today, NYC is missing hundreds of thousands of trees, unrelated to Tax Hike Mike's murderous and criminal rampage. (Most of these OTHER dead trees were murdered by truck drivers backing into them and NOT by the Asian Longhorn Beetle as they want you to believe.)

I can take you out and show you that----8 YEARS after Mike "saved the city"----there is nearly ONE missing tree on every single city block! (7 missing trees on a single block is the most I've found yet.) Most blocks are missing at least 2 trees, 8 YEARS after Bloombag took charge of the issue! No other city in Western Civilization has ever seen anything like it! It's so shocking that not one media outlet would even MENTION it since 1994, when Emperor Rudy declared war on the environment.

even if Bloombag was telling the truth about planting a million trees, it would STILL be scandalous. Imagine if, a city that had a high murder rate came up with this solution: "MORE CHILDBIRTH!"----to replace all the murder victims!!! If media was remotely honest, Bloombag would be an international laughing stock. (It's up there with President Reagan calling ketchup a "vegetable" for children while cheating their nutrition!)

DID YOU KNOW that NYC, after 6 YEARS of Bloombag's "leadership", REPLACED LOS ANGELES FOR MOST UNHEALTHY AIR IN THE ENTIRE USA in 2007?! (THIS explains why all left and right wing papers say he is the "environmental" mayor! His recreational use of his own personal helicopter and jet also convinced them he cares about the environment! As did his sending out more junk mail than every other pol in NYC COMBINED, or more junk mail than his 107 predecessors COMBINED. The worst waste = the least waste according to our super-dishonest media)




Bloombag is far more dangerous than a Giuliani or a Bush (or any U.S. politician) because they didn’t bribe their enemies with billions of dollars. (Both his and yours, suckers!)

Most politicians bribe the media with your tax money, but Bloombag was able to double up this crime using his own riches as well as yours. (Giuliani and Bush weren’t nearly as rich as Bloombag was. This is why "liberal" papers like The Times say Tax Hike Mike is the greatest mayor ever, and yet, "conservative" papers like the NYPost completely agree with the Times that Tax Hike Mike is the greatest mayor ever!) (It's called CASH MONEY.)

(Wait-a-minute! Do you really believe the NYPost loves the biggest tax-and-spending mayor in U.S. history? Or that they love the mayor who "nanny-stated" restaurant oils, smoking, gun dealers and so on??? The Post loves the mayor who expanded every area of Big Government and went against all their principles?? OF COURSE THEY DON’T. They endorse Mike’s Money and tax-payer-funded corporate welfare going into their pocket. Ditto the NYTimes, the Daily News, NY1, et al.)

BOTH Bush and Giuliani were criticized by left wing papers, and even mainstream papers, and sometimes even right wing papers-------but Bloombag WAS NOT. He was hailed by EVERYONE, making him super-dangerous. (Don't forget: Hans Christian Anderson wrote about this corruption in 1853. See: the emperor has no clothes, but EVERYONE lies to protect the Emperor b/c they are scared of his power.)

did you know WHY all editorials in the Daily News praise Tax Hike Mike (and do so dishonestly)??

It's b/c the crony in charge of the Daily News editorials is ARTHUR BROWNE... who just happens to be a FORMER BLOOMBERG EMPLOYEE and buddy!!!!! Can you say "criminal conflict of interest"? (You could arrest Browne just on felony FRAUD charges, for instance.)

this is fraudulent and criminal on many, many levels and the fact that they refuse to disclose this critical fact is also criminal and proves their ONLY INTENT is to deceive their customers and all taxpayers. But who's gonna go after the media? (Even Adolf Hitler admitted that media is more powerful than all the world's armies combined. THIS is why the Nazis and Bloomberg BOTH started MEDIA companies BEFORE getting into power. They wouldn't have gotten into power in the first place if not for their media companies deceiving the voters. That was the whole point of owning media companies---DUH! To manipulate Public Opinion.)

Also Bush and Giuliani didn't make enormous cash donations to political parties as Bloombag did, in order to obtain their support!




BLOOMBAG is the fakest politician in all history.

even idiot wackjobs like Sarah Palin and that drug addict Rush "I Love Synthetic Heroin!" Limbaugh had SINCERE SUPPORTERS. Even Hitler and Charlie Manson had SINCERE supporters.

But little criminal Tax Hike Mike does not have a single sincere supporter.

HE HAD TO BUY 100% OF HIS SUPPORTERS, and 100% of his political parties. The world has never seen anything like this pathetic criminal.


Psycho Bloombag's OWN CURRENT CAMPAIGN SPOKESMAN---Howard Wolfson---says Bloombag is a criminal! That's unprecedented! (Wolfson wrote an op-ed in 2005 arguing that Bloombag was CHEATING DEMOCRACY by spending obscene and unfair amounts of money to win reelection.) So WHY did Wolfson suddenly decide to work to help this criminal cheat yet another election?

Because The Emperor is paying him $40,000 A MONTH to lie on behalf of Fraudster Mike!


EVERYONE but me fell for the hilarious farce that Bloombag is a "LIFELONG DEMOCRAT". (This must explain why the Republican Party has supported Bloomberg 3 out of 3 times! They LOVE lifelong Democrats!)

BLOOMBAG HIMSELF even admitted he is a total fraud and charlatan, saying he switched from "Democrat" to run in 2001 as a Republican SOLELY b/c he couldn't win in a fair fight with Mark Green. (And Mike got caught lying about all this stuff too, but don't get me started please.) And once he no longer needed the Republicans in 2005, Mike ran as... a Republican. (Hmm.) (The very fact that Mike ran on TWO party tickets----Republican and "Independence"----SIMULTANEOUSLY, is super-scandalous, and quite possibly illegal too, but our corporate media won't tell you the truth. Ask me for extensive details.)

After resigning from the "Republican Party" in 2007 (because he considered running for President!), Mike no longer needed to run as a Republican in 2009. So he ran as a Republican in 2009! (Pretty FISHY for a "lifelong Democrat", eh?) (Hey, do YOU believe Mike that he couldn't beat that idiot Ferrer in the 2005 Democrat Primary? Just another super-lie by the biggest liar you will ever see.) (This year, Mike says he couldn't beat Bill Thompson in a Democrat Primary, which is WHY he's running as a Republican again, and the Republicans are so desperate that they don't even mind that Mike REFUSES TO BE PROUD HE'S A REPUBLICAN IN ANY OF HIS CAMPAIGN ADS!) (Republicans HATE Tax Hike Mike, but he bribes them all into submission.) (Democrats HATE him too, but NYC's expensive, so Mike's bribes go a long way!)

In all my years monitoring politics, I've never seen anything like it. Even today, people like Hitler and Nixon and Bush have sincere supporters!

I DARE YOU TO FIND ME ONE SINCERE BLOOMBAG SUPPORTER who will stand up in public next to me and say they like him. (The people who claim they like him are either lying for cash or ulterior motives, or else they're ignorant voters who believe all the lies they read in the PRO-Bloombag media.)

I WISH I could list the thousands of insane lies by this criminal, such as his anti-genius claims that he's "independent" (which fooled almost everyone). Hello! If he was independent, he'd do what Ross Perot did: he'd refuse to run as EITHER a Dem or a Republican, because both parties are c-o-r-r-u-p-t ---duh. (Mike and the Media's argument is that a true "independent" belongs to the least independent political parties ever! Good one!) Even more scandalous, almost all of Mike's entire staff are... Democrat hacks and Republican hacks! (Most of Bloombag's team are also DINKINS and GIULIANI LEFTOVERS! You could not be LESS independent than Team Bloombag if you actively tried!) (But only one journalist will tell you the truth: me.)

Even Bush and Cheney didn't flip-flop their party registrations over and over. This was just another Bloombag SHELL GAME that even Boss Tweed didn't stoop to! (Mike's own argument is that he used these shell games to win elections and that he couldn't win ANY elections if not for these shell games!)





Bloombag worked harder than any other person on Planet Earth to fund and support four more years of Bush and the GOP in 2004
---AFTER Bloombag himself had publicly chastisted W for screwing NYC out of terrorism funds, blah blah blah. (Many people say the Mayor of NYC is the second most powerful and high profile job after President of the USA and I agree. Bloombag could've easily tilted the election to John Kerry, but he chose to work his ass off to ensure we stayed in Iraq and killed more innocent American soldiers and innocent muslims.) (Curiously, Bloombag is also fanatical in his support of Israel murdering Palestinians. Could this all be mere coincidence? I'm a PRO-semite, so don't misunderstand what I just wrote! )


(Bush is like the toxic waste Bloombag dumped in our drinking water. Bloombag deserves far more blame than Bush does.)

And Bloombag did a lot more than Giuliani to support Bush and Cheney’s redefeat in 2004!



Also NOTE that he was the number one funder of the Albany Republicans who gutted our rent laws, gutted the MTA's budget so fares would skyrocket and service would deteriorate, and much much more. But more on this later!


Bloombag has gotten caught lying about almost everything he's said over the last 9 years.

Both Bush and Giuliani were far more honest, and all historians agree that even Adolf Hitler was far more honest than Bloombag, and I'll debate the facts publicly against anyone anytime.

Giuliani and Bush did NOT break almost every campaign promise they made. Neither did Hitler or Stalin or African dictators. But Tax Hike Mike did!

Unlike even Criminal Giuliani, Bloombag promised not to raise taxes, and then raised them more than any other mayor in U.S. history! (Not one reporter will report this super-scandal.) (I'm the best reporter in America---which isn't saying much----and I keep ALL of the election ads and mailers by all candidates, so I can follow up 4 years later.)

Unlike criminal Giuliani, Bloombag promised an "open" government without secrecy (then did almost everything in illegal secrecy because he knew both conservatives and liberals would be furious if they knew what crimes he was up to)
. (He also broke FEDERAL LAW repeatedly---the Freedom Of Information Act---and belongs in prison for that alone.) (More on this super-scandal later.)

NOTE: the massive SECRECY by Bloombag, and his refusal to answer almost any questions, ALONE should end his career, because only a GUILTY PERSON pleads the fifth. Like OJ Simpson, Bloombag refuses to explain his side of the story, and many of you can't guess why??

Unlike criminal Giuliani, he promised NO TAX MONEY for stadiums. (Once elected, Tax Hike Mike spent MORE money on stadiums for the rich than any other mayor in history! And both stadiums cost you a LOT more money than even Bloombag critics claim!) (More on this super-scandal later.)

UNLIKE criminal Giuliani, and criminal Bush, Bloombag made all of his riches ILLEGALLY (via anti-trust violations for his Bloombag Machines, to block any competition ala Microsoft) and only Bloombag claimed to be a financial genius----yet ALL of his businesses are failures [his radio, tv, and news companies, etc] except for the one where he got rich illegally. (To his credit, Bloombag admits in his autobiography that he made much of his wealth illegally. His riches made him confident enought to admit this, but now that he's in the daily spotlight, he is silent on the matter!)

UNLIKE Criminal Giuliani, Bloombag promised to legalize dancing if elected. 8 Years later he still refuses to change the racist and illegal Cabaret Laws or tell the truth. (Sorry if this bothers you, but even Hitler and Stalin did not outlaw dancing!! ONLY ONE POLITICIAN ON EARTH OUTLAWS DANCING: PSYCHO MIKE BLOOMBAG.) (Perhaps it's just coincidence that the Republicans tried to outlaw Chubby Checker's "The Twist" during the 1950s! Look it up!)

Unlike Looney Giuliani, BLOOMBAG PROMISED HE WOULD NEVER CHANGE TERM LIMITS! Under ANY circumstances. (Anyone still believe that doozy?) (And he is likely the first candidate in history to call HIMSELF "disgusting" and "despicable" [which is what he said changing term limits would be]. But the media are playing that "minor" fact down.)

Unlike even SuperLiar Giuliani, Bloombag got elected promising fiscal conservatism while demonstrating that he was the most reckless fiscal moron in history: Giuliani spent $10 million to get elected, while Bloombag spent $75 million! Yup, you know what happened once he was elected: HE INCREASED BOGUS SPENDING MORE THAN ANY OTHER MAYOR IN ALL HUMAN HISTORY. ($5,000 a piece for NYPD Segways that all criminals can outrun?) ($3 million to put City Council members names on public trash cans???) (A 25% pay raise for part time City Council members?? After Rudy gave them a measly 75% raise?) (In many categories Rudy is worse and that's one of them.) (Even long AFTER the "recession" hit and Tax Hike Mike said "we must all sacrifice" he gave out monster pay raises to his crony crooks like Police Commissioner Ray Kerik, er, Kelly, who got a $23,000 RAISE just 2 months ago---of course it was RETROACTIVE, suckers!! Kelly is Dinkins' former police commissioner, so how ironic the media slams Dinkins and praises Bloombag for the fake crime stats, I mean, "lower crime".) (I've got a zillion of these concrete examples.)

Unlike Looney Giuliani, BLOOMBAG promised to end Corporate Welfare (ie, presiding over the largest corporate welfare in history, and that’s not even including the trillion of YOUR dollars that went to “bailout” the gigantic NYC companies and NYC banking giants!)—he was positively Olympian in his bullshit. (Everyone likes to conveniently omit that the worldwide recession began in NYC under "financial info wizard" Bloombag!)

(In fact, even Bloombag allies admitted he ballooned corporate welfare!)

Bloombag's OWN STAFF concede Tax Hike Mike stole MILLIONS of YOUR dollars just to give to friggin' McDonald's via corporate welfare!!! (Oh okay... he "took your money against your will" ------"stole" is such a strong word, eh?)


He promised he would not buy reelection in 2005 (and 2009) with more bribes, er, cash than his Democrat opponent would be spending, like he used to cheat his 2001 election with----but then spent $10 million MORE in 2005 than the illegal $75,000,000 he cheated his first election with in 2001 ! (And his opponent in 2005, the awful Freddy Ferrer, spent $10 million TOTAL!!!)

(FORGET TERM LIMITS! Bloombag is proud of his hatred for free and fair elections and democracy as proven just by his unfair spending. HE BELONGS IN PRISON b/c his endless overthrowing of democracy is TREASONOUS.)

When DC 37 (NYC's largest workers union) endorsed Bloombag (b/c they were afraid of retaliation) Bloombag said it showed how great he was. THIS TIME, they endorsed Democrat BILL THOMPSON. Suddenly, Bloombag changed his story: their endorsement went to the candidate who promised them the most money! (YOU DON'T SAY?)
The NYC Fire Fighters union just turned on Bloombag (after he gave bribed them with YOUR money earlier this year), and he NOW says their endorsement doesn't mean anything!!!! (REMEMBER this if you see ANY endorsements touted by Team Bloombag. The man is beyond corrupt.)

BLOOMBAG has lied about almost every single thing he's said since becoming mayor, but I'll spare you for now because the rest of this page lists umpteen concrete examples. (And note that even historians say Chancellor Hitler was far more honest than Mayor Bloombag!)



BLOOMBAG did more than all 107 mayors before him combined to GET RID OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING and rent control, and the details are far more awful than your wildest fears. This ONE category alone should end his career and land him in prison. (Don't get me started on Bloombag's efforts to artificially increase commercial rents to push ALL mom and pop stores out of NYC to help his fellow CEOs at the major corporate chains.)

Even Criminal Giuliani did not KILL STUYVESANT TOWN----one of the finest oases in all of America!----which helped tens of thousands of New Yorkers for 50 years live comfortably in an overpriced ghetto called NYC. TAX HIKE MIKE DID KILL IT. (It went to one of Bloombag's close pals, developer Jerry Speyer, who bought it solely to evict everyone and raise the rents 500-1000%!) (Stuy Town was also critical b/c it proved that housing projects aren't all crime and filth, which Bloombag and his fascist pals don't want anyone to know, so they can make EVERYTHING for-profit so they can get even richer while us little people get poorer and poorer.)

Unlike Criminal Giuliani, TAX HIKE MIKE did more than any other human in history to gut NYC's rent control and rent stabilization laws, as Mike flooded Albany with unprecedented bribes, er, "donations" to help his fellow rich Republicans take over and help his NYC mega-landlords raise ALL rents by record amounts and bleed us dry.

Nevermind that Bloombag CREATED most of the homelessness in NYC today (and even Team Bloombag admits we have more homeless thanks to Mike)... DID YOU KNOW that Tax Hike Mike IS KEEPING UP TO 20,000 PUBLIC APARTMENTS (owned by YOU) EMPTY for illegal reasons? (Should I include that this is losing YOU $20 MILLION per year in lost rent monies?) DUH: public housing is affordable, and affordable housing LOSES MIKE AND HIS RICH DEVELOPER FRIENDS tons of cash. They want to eliminate this competition like all rich capitalists do, leaving you with 2 choices: pay their prices no matter what, or move out of NYC. (Bloomberg's own staff have leaked that the problem is really really bad. But they do this anonymously b/c they fear this criminal will fire them for being whistleblowers.) I personally investigated this super-scandal and investigated many apartments that had been vacant for many years. Of course, this increases homelessness, and WHO gets the $700,000,000 million dollars of YOUR money every 12 months to administer "homeless services"? BLOOMBAG AND GIULIANI'S RICH FRIENDS!! HA HA! They're robbing you from both sides, suckers!


More housing scandals later. Let's move on to other topics..


Not one of NYC's many many mayors before Bloombag (who is mayor #108) destroyed the two most famous landmarked stadiums on the entire planet (Yankee and Shea stadiums) over the course of 75 years the stadiums existed. Even Nutjob Giuliani didn't succeed in his tireless efforts to destroy these landmarks and steal billions of taxdollars for Steinbrenner and cronies. And no other politician in history destroyed the TWO most famous stadiums on earth! It's far worse than what the mainstream media told you. EX: Bloombag's enemies think he stole a billion, but it's actually over FOUR BILLION dollars! More on this later.

Verdict: Bloombag is the worst mayor ever, and one of the worst politicians in history, period.



ONE OF THE BIGGEST AND MOST COMMON SCAMS BY GOVERNMENT is that most of the "good" things they do are just as criminal and fraudulent as the "bad" things they do.

a politician creates a tree-selling arborium service quietly with his brother. He then steals $5 million taxdollars to plant 400 new trees, and EVERYONE HAILS THIS AS A GREAT DEED, unaware that the politician splits the $5 million with his brother! TOTAL CRIMINALITY DISGUISED AS A CIVIC IMPROVEMENT!

This was Giuliani's M.O. for 8 years as it was Boss Tweed's. Most politicians do this, b/c they know voters are too stoopid and will in fact PRAISE the crook for doing "good"! But Giuliani and Bloombag and Bush took it to new heights. (Still think it was coincidence that Vice President Cheney's company got most of the no-bid contracts for billions of dollars in Iraq???) Democrats and Republicans alike do this, and the media usually covers it all up in exchange for some of that cash.

WHY do you think "generous" Bloombag doesn't just give away the $10 BILLION he earned somehow since stealing the 2001 election? Isn't the $5 billion he already had ENOUGH??

(Hm... if took him 60 YEARS to earn 5 billion, and only 8 years to earn 10 billion MORE, COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT HE RAN FOR MAYOR as a shortcut to become even richer? It's shocking how many fools think "he's rich, so he doesn't care about money"! CASH IS LIKE COCAINE: THE MORE YOU HAVE THE MORE YOU WANT. I told y'all about this in 2001 and everyone laughed at me. They all insisted "he only earns $1 a year" because you can fool all the people all the time!)


Which leads us to...



BLOOMBAG'S PUBLIC SCHOOL RECORD IS THE WORST IN ALL U.S. HISTORY, but, again, the media is bought and paid for by his riches, and then most people believe whatever the NYTimes or NYPost tells them. (See: WMDs.) And as usual, this ONE topic is enough to lock him in prison for the rest of his life.

in 2005, to "improve" the school test scores, Bloombag merely REMOVED SPECIAL ED SCORES from the list and---VOILA!---the test scores average WENT UP! Hooray! (He's cooked the books on every single issue in NYC, from crime to street cleanliness.)

Crook Bloombag claims he built over 300 new schools, and even if it was true (it ain't) it would be scandalous enough to jail him: THE DIRTY SECRET is that most of those new schools were put into.... EXPENSIVE BUILDINGS OWNED BY HIS RICH BUDDIES!


For 300 years, America put PUBLIC schools into PUBLIC buildings, costing you ZERO DOLLARS a century in rent.

Looney Giuliani and Crook Bloombag came up with a different plan:

PUT SCHOOLS INTO PRIVATE BUILDINGS----owned by their rich friends-----so you can shift taxdollars from reducing class size and hiring more teachers and helping kids TO MAKING THE RICH RICHER (which even Bloombag himself admits was his entire life's mission----for his Bloombag Machines were invented to make the RICH richer on Wall Street, and to not help the poor or middle class!).

A Giuliani does this because those rich developers then kick-back the money to him via "campaign donations"---it's one notch above just taking taxpayer money and putting it into your wallet!----and a Bloombag does it to help his rich friends AND to make the rich and powerful happy, because THOSE are the people Bloombag needs to go down in history as the Greatest Mayor Ever. (NOTE: everyone likes to forget that the owner of the Daily News is REAL ESTATE MAGNATE MORT ZUCKERMAN (!!!!) and ditto the NYTimes, who have massive real estate investments as well!) The middle class can't do shit for Bloombag, and he knows he and his media pals can trick you any day of the week they feel like.

IF YOU KNEW that the NYC schools budget in 1994 was an insane $6,000,000,000 [billion!] every twelve months, you'd flip out. (This is why the media won't report it, and instead distract you with more celebrity news!) (The money was being stolen left and right via all kinds of contracting scams, contracting being the number one way to steal tax dollars but make it look legit.)

TODAY... after 16 years of these two "fiscally conservative" Republicans being solely in charge of the budget, it's $21,000,000,000 [ billion!!!!!!!!].


SO WHERE THE HELL IS THE EXTRA $15,000,000,000 a year in the Schools Budget going???

INTO THE POCKETS OF GIULIANI AND BLOOMBAG's friends and cronies (who funded Rudy's embarassingly incompetent run for President, [but the media all told us he was a SuperLeader!] and whom tried to draft Bloombag to run for president, b/c there's a lot more money to STEAL on the federal level than the local level, suckers!) (And then they "must" raise your taxes over and over and over----incrementally so you won't riot----to pay for this criminal activity!) (The Mob are amateurs compared with these two super-criminals!)

[Hey, STILL think Giuliani and Bloombag arrested me 9 times and threw me in Rikers 7 times NOT because I was exposing their crimes more than any other person on the planet?]



I could and should write an entire website just about the umpteen School Scandals by this super-crook, but for now, we need to move on to his hundreds of thousands of OTHER scandal topics.


Bloombag had over 1800 innocent civilians falsely arrested during the Republican National Convention in 2004 in order to silence free speech that was critical of Bloombag’s buddy and role model, Bush.

He belongs in federal jail for this one scandal alone. Doing 1800 prison sentences!

(Fascist criminal Bloombag makes Giuliani look like an amateur!)

Then, our criminal mayor had these innocent civilians (including people who were just out shopping!) illegally held for longer than the law allows (to keep any activists from protesting Bush until after the convention finished four days later)----- AND illegally held them in a truck warehouse on the West Side Highway! (Hell, this may well violate the Geneva Convention!)

Even more outrageous, a federal judge FOUND BLOOMBAG GUILTY of violating federal laws, yet our convicted criminal mayor was simply allowed to pay off the fines using tax money he stole from you!

Why isn't this guy already in prison?

(For the same reasons Bernie kerik, Giuliani, Dan Doctoroff, Eliot Spitzer and Dick Cheney aren't.)

(The system sucks.)




PLEASE COPY AND PASTE all these scandals into a WORD program on your computers, because our little dictator has the power and means to shut down this and all anti-Bloombag sites and to censor all dissent, just as Hitler and Stalin did. And Bloombag is one of the biggest criminals in U.S. history and uses censorship incessantly to keep you from finding out the truth about his corruption.

(REMEMBER: Bloombag himself admitted in his (ghost written) autobiography that he didn't make his billions legally! ) (No shit, sherlock!) (More on this later.)


please forward your favorite scandals to just a few of your friends and co-workers ala a Chain Letter b/c we must all UNITE to stop this criminal who robbed us of billions of dollars and destroyed our quality of life. The media refuses to report the truth about this criminal and so we have to fight back ourselves. We live in the world's most expensive GHETTO!

Back to the list...


Bloombag promised "eviction prevention" to reduce homelessness and displacement of the middle class but LIED about it all. Tellingly, under this crook, there were record evictions far beyond Looney Giuliani's wildest dreams.

(In fact, I looked into Bloombag's "eviction prevention" as I lost 5 homes in 4 years due to sleazy landlords and wretched Republican tenant laws, and found that his 311 line simply gave me the phone number of lawyers to pay huge fees to lose, er, fight my cases! How 'helpful'!) (Under Giuliani, I lost ZERO homes in 8 years, so you can see a SLIGHT difference.)

(NOTE: The 311 line is little more than the most expensive yellow pages in history! I've tested it in many ways. Test it yourself and see how they repave that mangled road with the hundreds of potholes, or turn off that park fountain spraying streams of water in a LOCKED PLAYGROUND AT 3AM---I have some great video and photos I have to post. Gotta find them in thousands of photos I have from around the city. I don't have internet access right now, or I'd post at least a few dozen incredible photos.)

(Oh, okay. One for now...)



THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end The Bloombag Myth and end his fake career, and we could possibly arrest Tax Hike Mike for this one scandal too, because it resulted in the theft of tens of millions of tax dollars, and perhaps hundreds of millions.

LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PHOTO. [double click it to see close up!]

this is the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge.

it's clearly rusted to hell.


That's enough right there, but allow me to explain further.

BLOOMBAG ALONE was in charge of keeping our infrastructure (roads, water pipes, bridges, etc) from falling apart. But he was more interested in stealing billions of our taxdollars every year away from critical things like this, in order to give those riches to his fellow billionaires like George Steinbrenner and Developers like Larry Silverstein and Bruce Ratner and to Corporate America (who in turn, helped spread the Myth that he's the Greatest Mayor Ever!)

Psycho Mike didn't simply FAIL to do the basic minimums his job required, ----and this would be enough to get him FIRED and possibly jail him.

THIS PHOTO proves he flushed extra tens of millions of tax dollars down the drain just on this ONE scandal!

You see, if he'd simply had the bridge PAINTED before it began rusting through the last paint job, he would've saved us 90% of the cost! Even the dumbest moron knows this, but not Psycho Mike.

NOW, they can't just paint the bridge again.

They must hire very very expensive crews to FIRST sandblast off all the rust on the entire bridge---a job that will take many YEARS to do while inconveniencing millions of commuters and delivery trucks and all traffic, AND create unnecessary dust, filth, and toxins!!

Get it?

His negligence ended up increasing the cost of maintaining the bridge by as much as 10,000% inflation! That's INSANE and this is just ONE example of Tax Hike Mike doing this in every section of NYC and BANKRUPTING OUR CITY.

(Why should he care? He'll still be rich after we're all living in slums and he'll die of old age before it all collapses! Would he rather work hard fixing stuff or going to photo ops and fancy cocktail parties? You already know the answer. Mike's even essentially admitted this many times.)

AS USUAL, I can go into further detail and overkill to fully demonstrate the man's criminal insanity.

If Tax Hike Mike wouldn't take care of one of the most famous bridges on Earth, take a guess how well he treated the hundreds of other bridges in NYC! (Like I say, Bloombag didn't just shit on the middle class and poor as Mayor. He shit on EVERYONE----even the rich were robbed blind by this super-criminal and his illegal negligence.) All the decay he negligently allowed to increase is going to bankrupt us even more!

Psycho Mike boasted of having the largest cash "surpluses" in a budget in US history (on a municipal level). So, his argument is that he had record amounts of EXTRA MONEY he got from us little people, and yet STILL he couldn't even accomplish the BASIC DUTIES and responsibilities of running a govt!

I agree with him!

this proves Bloombag is the WORST FINANCIAL MANAGER IN HISTORY.

He is fiscally insane, and this is just one more smoking gun. (NOTE how often the media writes about the mayor's fiscal insanity: They DON'T. They report the exact opposite of the truth on a daily basis.)

Back to our regular list of 1001 BLOOMBERG SCANDALS...


[Bloombag's war on affordable housing continued...]

I’ve got an endless supply of scandals like this on this issue.

Bloombag said the MAYOR OF NYC should run the NYC schools, but that the MAYOR OF NYC should NOT have any say over rent laws of NYC housing???


For 8 years this crook has protected the REPUBLICAN war on affordable housing and the insane Urstadt Law which has killed NYC.

(THE URSTADT LAW took away from NYC the ability of NYC to be able to make its own housing laws. Just as Albany ran our schools for decades, Albany also runs our housing laws. WE HAVE NO SAY. Upstate REPUBLICANS like Joe Bruno [R.I.P.]---another close Bloombag partner probably going to prison!---who lived in comfy, civilized small rural areas!---MADE OUR LAWS FOR US, and we couldn't vote them out of office b/c they aren't NYC politicians, nor statewide pols! IT'S SEVERELY ANTI-DEMOCRATIC. So they took the rich landlords' bribes, er, "lobbying money" and "campaign donations", and made laws hiking our rents and evicting us! Bloombag knew having City Hall run our housing laws would mean DEMOCRATS would favor the tenants instead of the landlords (unless that Democrat's name was CHRISTINE QUINN) and so he blocked it! Yikes!)


This ONE scandal alone proves Bloombag is like King George and likely the biggest enemy of Democracy and Self-Determination this nation has ever seen.

(Self-determination means independence and freedom and choosing your own path. ANALOGY: any 18 year old can go out and get a job and move into his own apartment and never have to obey his parents again IF HE CHOOSES TO. The CHOICE IS HIS, not his parents. King George was our parent and he said we could NEVER make our own decisions. We didn't like that, so we fought a violent revolution for independence. BLOOMBAG is acting like King George yet again!)

= = = =


um, I hate to ruin another pleasant myth of your big business and big government-designed "history" books, but our American Revolution was not as honest as you were told. It wasn't the PEOPLE rising up for freedom. The American Revolution was created by RICH AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN LIKE BEN FRANKLIN, THOMAS JEFFERSON, ET AL, who didn't like the HIGH TAXES Mother England was forcing on them. (There were other complaints but this was the big one.)

(See: "Taxman" by an english band called The Beatles.)

Yes, the Founding Fathers gave us some freedoms England didn't, but they took plenty of OTHER freedoms away!

(Hell, England still doesn't have cops who need to carry guns! No one's getting shot! Not girlfriends. Not cops. NO ONE!)

(Oops: except for that innocent guy right after the subway bombing there. The few cops with guns accidentally killed a guy who broke no laws! Imagine that! Sound like anywhere else you can think of? Hint: it ain't Tokyo!)

The Founding Fathers didn't really give us many real freedoms or much equality. It was all PR and HYPE.

(See: "Won't Get Fooled Again" by english rockers The Who----"meet the new boss / same as the old boss")

they didn't even free the slaves!

And The Soviet Union gave women voting EQUALITY before America did!! Betcha they didn't teach you THAT in history class! (It only took the USA 150 YEARS to give women the right to vote! That sounds like friggin' Iraq and iran if you ask me! It's a DISGRACE! So much for that 1776 story about "equality". Every day American politicians violate the Bill Of Rights to screw us over! Democrats AND Republicans both do it!)

Our government has ALWAYS lied to us.

ALL governments lie to the people.

It doesn't matter if they're "liberal" or "conservative".

You put someone in POWER, they're going to ABUSE THAT POWER.

It's human nature.

Which reminds me...


She betrayed us all in exchange for money and power and the voters of west manhattan MUST vote her out of the City Council speaker seat.

SHE MUST BE FIRED, for helping Bloombag overthrow Term Limits and ruin everything else. (EX: She and Bloombag both fought to get the entire City Council 100% pay raises!!!! And you wonder why NYC is BROKE! Ask me for more details, b/c I'm getting bogged down in minutiae!)



More on the housing crisis...


BLOOMBAG doesn’t believe that NYC politicians should control NYC housing regulations, or that NYC taxpayers should have ANY say in voting for the politicians who control NYC housing laws??


(Repeat: Tax Hike Mike believes that the voters of small upstate towns should choose the politicians who control NYC housing law via Albany. And you thought I was exaggerating how psychotic Bloombag is?? He doesn’t even believe in “self determination”, which is a major smoking gun that defines FASCISM ala Chancellor Hitler. Self Determination is what America was founded on! Look it up. It means a govt BY the people, FOR the people---instead of Kings or Dictators who make our rules for us. Hitler, Bush, and Bloombag all despised Self Determination. And we could literally try Bloombag for treason and hang him for this ONE of millions of scandals. Any politician who blocks self-determination is guilty of treason against America and its principles, and even Bloombag's own staff confess the mayor loathes self-determination.)



Shall I even go into the CULTURAL DEVASTATION (aka CULTURAL GENOCIDE) of NYC caused by these record evictions of families, the elderly, mom-and-pop businesses and so on—from Bloombag helping shut down the most famous rock club on earth (and international tourist attraction) CBGB's (after promising to save it from a Giuliani crony named Muzzy Rosenblatt) to the loss of the world-famous Rainbow Room restaurant (shut down not due to the “economy” but rather the 100% rent hike that pushed their lease from $4 million a year to 8 million a year). (That's some "recession", eh?)

(As record numbers of NYorkers lost their jobs, Bloombag fought to increase their rents, electricity and phone bills, their transit bills, and much more. Hard to imagine a REPUBLICAN BILLIONAIRE has less concern for our struggles than any other person in society, eh?)


No mayor in NYC’s 300-year-old history did more to destroy communities, neighborhoods, or all the things that make NYC a tourist attraction.

(Maybe he thinks millions of tourists come here for the new Chase Bank branches opening up??)

even Bloombag’s own staff and supporters say Bloombag destroyed NYC culturally, and you doubt this, dare any of them to debate me in public and I’ll get them to admit it.

a Bloombag spokesman recently said they didn’t want bland national chain stores in Coney Island [another Bloombag lie but lets stick to topic] b/c it WRECKS THE CULTURAL AESTHETIC. I agree.

Next... ask any Bloombag goon to EXPLAIN how bland national chain stores take away the “culture” of SOME areas but not other areas.

THIS is why Bloombag pleads the Fifth when asked most questions. They can’t keep their stories straight.

THIS is why Bloombag is scared to death of talking with taxpayers on his weekly WABC radio show. Listen to it sometime. It's scandalous propaganda nearly identical to crap that Hitler and Stalin and Saddam and Kim Jong and all the other criminal politicians used to deceive the public.

(By contrast, Koch allowed taxpayers to call him up and challenge him, and Koch would honestly argue with them. Bloombag instead takes the Hitler approach: no one can ask their “public servant” tough questions. PERIOD. Even Psycho Giuliani allowed civilians to call him up and ask (pro-Rudy) questions!) And I wrote this paragraph months BEFORE the king---Crook Bloombag---insulted that reporter who caught him in a lie about the improving economy and Psycho Mike's "rationale" of how NYC can't survive without the mayor who bankrupted the city! Remember that one?

He called the reporter a "disgrace" because he asked a tough question of a public servant!

THAT ALONE should make every single person vote against him. It proves he's a dictator and liar who cheated term limits for PERSONAL GAIN, not because of any recession or any other reason.

(He made $10 billion while mayor, TRIPLING his money. And you know what he did all day? He marched in parades and went to parties and luncheons and read speeches YOU AND I Paid goons millions of dollars to write for him so he wouldn't sound so moronic and out of touch!!! Every day he stays in office his stocks in Bloomberg LP increase and he gets filthier rich!)

Why do you think he's said many times that being mayor is the greatest job in the world? That's another secret clue right there:

HOW could someone with a heart or mind "enjoy" a job where they supervise cops accidentally shooting other cops or supervise Childrens Services who can't keep battered kids from being terrorized and murdered?

With all the crazy and ugly stuff happening on HIS watch, while he swore to help us all and reform all the problems, how does he not have a broken heart like most of us who live in this town do??? (And we don't have the power to fix much, while he's got the power to fix so many problems so quickly!)

HOW do he sleep at night knowing there are still 36,000 homeless people who can't afford an apartment in this pricey town?

HOW does he sleep at night knowing that young women who can't afford to survive in this town are turning to prostituting themselves or going into porn films?

HOW does he sleep at night knowing that young women have to move into the most dangerous neighborhoods to find a place they can afford?

HOW does he sleep at night as women are being murdered by their husbands, who, several times a year are NYPD cops?

HOW does he sleep knowing that kid thugs got guns because Bloombag helped keep Bush in office, and Bush refused crackdowns on how easy it is for criminals to buy guns in Kmarts across the nation and then sell them here? Cops are being shot almost exclusively by THESE easily obtained guns by criminals. And Bloombag doesn't care at all he says. It's not on his mind much. (His Gun Control Publicity Stunts are superscandalous and FAKE. More on THAT later!)

HOW does he sleep at night knowing he's bankrupted the city yet keeps giving huge pay raises to all his City Hall cronies and billions to rich corporations each year?

HIS ANSWER is that he doesn't have to see any of this, b/c he's going to fancy cocktail parties and being chauffeured around like a GOD while YOU pay for it all, suckers!

He's tripled HIS profits while he tripled YOUR debt.

THINK about that for a moment.

(But more on THAT scandal later.)





Remember that any and ALL pro-Bloombag articles you read in the major media that do not FULLY DISCLOSE that Bloombucks gave them millions in cash proves media is corrupt and dishonest. Would YOU tell white lies for $6,000,000? Of course you would. So too would the Daily News, NY1, CNN, and 100% of media outlets who bank on the record amounts of advertising Bloombag buys from them for his bogus election campaigns.

And with the news business losing millions thanks to the internet and the recession, their pro-Bloombag lies will set records this summer. They need his bribes more than ever!

And they’ve already begun smearing Councilman TONY AVELLA—who is running for mayor against Psycho Bloombag and could easily defeat him b/c Avella is very honest and smart and fearless, and b/c most NYorkers are furious at Republican Scumbag Tax Hike Mike. But the establishment wants the less-progressive BillThompson, who even I'd vote for over Tax Hike Mike.

(If you still believe Polls in 2009, you are too naive to reason with. Polls are FAKED to control what you think. The WHOLE REASON Bloombag is spending so much more than he even did a few years back is because is NOT POPULAR. If he was popular, he'd spend LESS and know he was still going to win. He knows his spending makes most of us furious, so he'd reduce it. BUT HE CAN'T, because both conservatives and liberals want this dishonest mayor who wasted our money and wrecked our city OUT OF OFFICE. He had his two terms to fix things and he didn't, from the homelessness mess that's costing us billions, to the still-awful schools---that are costing us $21 BILLION A YEAR to barely graduate our kids. Look up the actual scores and you'll be aghast. ) (More on this later.)

Another concrete example of Bloombag’s manipulating the media who deceived millions of citizens about this crook: even as (good )NYTimes reporters like Jim Dwyer were exposing that the Giuliani, Pataki, and Bloombag administrations were hyper corrupt, the Times’ EDITORS consistently hailed Bloombag and even claimed he may be one of the greatest mayors in NYC history!

WHY WOULD THEY LIE TO ALL THEIR READERS? Lots and lots of cash. For instance, you may have seen the NYTimes’ brand new skyscraper headquarters at 41st street and Eighth Avenue, but you may not know that they needed to violate FEDERAL EMINENT DOMAIN LAWS in order to get that huge plot of land. They couldn’t do it without Bloombag helping them illegally remove tenants and businesses! It’s the oldest trick in the political book: you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. THIS one scandal alone is enough to arrest Bloombag and the Times’ owners, but who is going to enforce the law? Attorney General Cuomo?

(Nope. He needs the NYTimes support for HIS campaigns!)

(Somebody please kill me.)


[author momentarily daydreams that this website gets Bloombag have a hitman take him out... ahh... that would be great for both of us...]



NOTE: due to brevity, I’m leaving out most of the incredulous facts and details about these random scandals for this article. [They're incredulous because it's hard to believe ONE MAN could be this dishonest and corrupt.] (I'm doing this on my own time and dime! Send me a check for $1 or $5 so I can finish this monster off! I don't even have access to my own computer or internet. Sheesh!) Also, visit HitlerAndBloomberg.blogspot.com for more scandalous dirt on the biggest criminal in the USA. There's some fun (and depressing secrets) on that site.

(Pssst! Hey, guess what Hitler's opinion of Term Limits was!) (Yup: same as Mike Bloomberg's!)

(Pssst! Hey, guess what Hitler's opinion of Voter Referendums was!) (Yup: same as Bloombag's!)

(Pssst! Hey, guess what Hitler's opinion on FAIR elections was!) (Yup: same as Bloombag's!)

(Pssst! Hey, guess what Hitler's opinion of Civil Liberties was!) (Yup: same as Bloombag's!)

(I've got thousands more scandalous facts like this in the other website if you think I'm exaggerating. Wait til you read the D-E-T-A-I-L-S. You'll be as surprised as I was.)



THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end Bloombag's bogus career---ditto many journalists for lying to the American people-----b/c it shows Bloombag faked the crime stats and proves NYC is owned by CRIMINALS.


[again, double click to enlarge]

I took this photo b/c it hilariously illustrates how NYC is the overall crime capital of Earth.



THREE different bikes, ALL with parts stolen by criminals... on the SAME block?

Wow. Imagine 3 different women being raped ON THE SAME BLOCK!

How scandalous would ANY crime repeated on the SAME block be?

(One bike is almost totally gone while the other is half stripped, and the third, in the front, had its back tire stolen. Replacing a back tire is around $100!)

The building in the background is NYU---one of the richest schools on earth!

If your property ISN'T SAFE outside one of the most prestigious schools on earth (it's also the choice of many rich foreign kids and celebrities) then where the fuck IS it safe? (My bikes were stolen on the same street as an NYPD precinct for years! See any pattern yet?)

Should I mention that NYU is... uh... "Super-Crime Fighter" Looney Giuliani's own school??

You'd think he and his NYPD---world's largest police force----would've made that area pretty damn safe by now. They've been "perfecting" their crime fighting for 16 YEARS now, they say!

And Giuliani Leftover---Corporate Puppet Mike----OOF!---is still flubbing things daily and keeping the Giuliani Machine humming.

(I've been the victim of literally dozens of crimes in NYC over the last 8 years, and the 8 years before that. The criminals got away 100% of the time, no matter what. EX: I've had 20 bikes stolen, because the mayor doesn't give a shit about stopping small crimes! OOPS: Rudy and Mike's ENTIRE CRIME FIGHTING CONCEIT was that they policed SMALL crimes (like turnstile jumping or drinking a beer in public) (aka "Broken Windows").)

(FUN FACT: the mayor doesn't even pretend to have his NYPD arrest white collar criminals! But a black kid steals your $5 and they'll have 6 cops on that!)

Many of my friends have also been mugged or robbed in the last 2 years alone---literally at least over 50 people I know well have been robbed at gunpoint, had their purse stolen, had their apartment burglarized, and on and on.


Shall I go on?

Should I remind you that BLOOMBAG HIMSELF says if you see this photo, then murder rates rise?

His entire crime fighting theory hinges on "broken windows": if there are any signs of small crime like graffiti or bike theft, then serious crime must go up b/c it shows Law Enforcement is asleep!

Well here above are THREE "broken windows" in plain sight every day, next to NYU, sending a message to the world that criminals rule NYC.

(Tax Hike Mike will argue that I musta taken the photo minutes after all 3 bikes were victimized, right? Mike HIMSELF says his NYPD---the world's largest---FAIL 80% of the time to solve crime---he just doesn't admit this publicly though those are the NYPD's OWN stats!!! But not one media outlet will report it!)


IT WAS BLOOMBAG, GIULIANI, AND THE MEDIA who all said over and over that THE MAYOR CONTROLS CRIME in this city.

They can't have it both ways. They can't say they deserve credit when crime doesn't happen but don't deserve blame when crime happens!

They have said thousands of times that they have the recipe to eliminate most crime, yet they can't even stop3 crimes on ONE block in a rich area??? Which is it? Do you have the recipe to stop 80% of crime (as they claim) or not? (Should I point out that that new Voice box is already vandalized in the photo? Go look at that box today! It's the street just north of McDonald's around 7th and Broadway. Lot more vandalism!

now back to our regular schedule...



Bloombag gutted building codes to protect his rich developer buddies and said we should trust them to build safely without any supervision.

The result was crane collapse after crane collapse, and the deaths of dozens and dozens of workers and civilians, along with many injuries of people on sidewalks, hit by debris from illegal construction sites. We haven’t lost this many construction workers since the building of the Brooklyn Bridge 200 years ago! You could arrest Bloombag just for these crimes and put him in jail for the rest of his life! (It falls under manslaughter statutes.)


(Let me remind you that earlier this year [2009], Bloombag’s OWN PAL AND SUPPORTER, Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau, admitted publicly that Bloombag and his goons like Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff SHOULD be charged with MANSLAUGHTER for helping to kill two firemen in the Deutsch bank building scandal down by Ground Zero. [Google the horrific and corrupt details. There are some devastating exposes by papers that ENDORSED Bloombag. When the papers that LOVE Bloombag are admitting and exposing his killing firemen and other crimes, you know he’s the Worst Mayor Ever!] Morgenthau claimed that the mayor and his criminal cronies like Doctoroff could not be arrested and charged due to “immunity” that protects them when they break laws, but even a legal amateur can tell you that this “immunity” is in itself illegal and violates the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection clause. [Which says that the laws must be applied equally, whether you’re rich or poor, black or white, powerful or weak. There is no exemption for politicians.] Bloombag has directly or indirectly helped murder tens of thousands of people, from New Yorkers to Iraqis to Palestinians.)

(He could even be arrested tomorrow for helping to POISON the Ground Zero rescue workers. EVERYONE forgets that Bloombag insisted the air was healthy! He should’ve been protecting citizens but instead he was killing them to help cover-up for the Bush Administration. Even an idiot could smell how toxic the air was for months!)


How many smoking guns before this criminal goes to prison?

Ask NY’s Attorney General Cuomo! Or Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder, who has a history of protecting government criminals. Good luck!


Bloombag may be the first politician in human history to steal millions of taxdollars to put the names of other politicians on PUBLIC TRASH CANS!

(And this was no mere waste of your precious money. It was done both to bribe the City Council to rubber stamp his every crime and every budget scam, AND to help them circumvent the strict campaign finance laws, so they could promote themselves 24 / 7 at your expense. Giuliani, Bush, and Hitler didn’t come close to anything this incredibly stupid and wasteful!


(Even the worst dictators in HISTORY didn't do something THIS brainless and sleazy!)


Even the entire global recession may be directly the fault of Bloomberg’s endless corruption, since he was the Number One Watchdog of Wall Street (which some may remember is actually in NYC) (I mean, it’s literally down the street from City Hall!) and HE WAS THE WATCHDOG OF ALL THOSE MAJOR CORPORATIONS (who are in NYC).

Furthermore, no one seems to remember that BLOOMBAG OWNS A FINANCIAL NEWS EMPIRE, meaning, any funny business in big business is under his direct and ominpresent eye! (Just as fighting all white collar crime in NYC is under his Mayoral Eye.)

And he looked the other way 100% of the time.
(By contrast, most economists give Chancellor Hitler the credit for ending our Great Depression!)

And let me remind you that Bloombag himself says Wall Street is responsible for a shockingly-large 20% of NYC’s tax revenues, so his being a neglectful watchdog DESTROYED NYC, and the entire planet, according to most economists and Bloombag’s own staff!

(Again, Giuliani didn't do anything remotely this enormously evil!)


And don’t forget that Bloomberg is the only reason Bush was barely “reelected” in 2004, and that Bloombag always fought to deregulate his fellow crook businessmen who irrefutably destroyed the whole global marketplace. I’m leaving out lots of brutal facts, like the hundreds of millions of YOUR taxdollars that were lost because NYC’s pension funds are invested in the stocks of many of these crooked corporations that Bloombag let break laws.

It is the mayor of NYC’s business when corporations do anything shady, but of course, Bloombag is just another corporate king of cooking books and cheating his customers. Every economist on earth says the world recession began in... New York City, under the “leadership” of one man: Mike Bloombag! I agree with them that Mike is responsible for almost the entire international recession!

(As always, I’m leaving out thousands of smoking guns and delicious facts. EX: betcha didn’t know that Bloombag fought his whole life to destroy General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, and the city of Detroit, with his tireless support of all things REPUBLICAN. EX: most nations on earth are socialized more than America due to liberalism and maturity. One major reason the Big Three automakers are going bankrupt is because they have to pay health care costs for their army of workers! Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Fiat, and all our competitors have the GOVERNMENT paying their workers’ health care! Ha ha! This one fact alone proves Bloombag's complete insanity, selfishness, and destruction of the USA.)


(Shall I go on? How about this doozy: Bloombag helped ship millions of jobs overseas and create massive unemployment in the USA with his tireless support of Bush and the GOP—BOTH because Bush actually stole, er, used your tax dollars to help fund Corporate America moving jobs to Mexico or Indonesia or China, AND because Tax Hike Mike and his tax-a-holic Republican pals refused single-payer (socialized) health care, forcing many American corporations to want to move factories to any other nation, because they don’t have to pay for workers health care!) (Remember: Bloombag supported John McCain over Obama!)

I’m not kidding. He’s literally the WORST MAYOR EVER!

(And nobody hated Giuliani more than I did!)


Did you know even Mayor Bloombag's OWN WORDS prove he's a total criminal and a total fraud?

All we have to do is use his words against his OTHER words (because the guy can never keep his story straight).

Mayor Bloombag has stolen hundreds of millions of YOUR dollars just to give his pals PAY RAISES larger than the annual salary of most people on earth.

HIS argument, is that you need to pay TOP DOLLAR to get the "best" employees.


his salary is $1 a year! And his Deputy Mayor (a crook named Dan Doctoroff) is paid $1 a year too! (B/c they both secretly made billions off YOU suckers!)


HIS argument is that you get what you pay for. Exactly: a mayor worth $1!


He's essentially saying his top staff are TERRIBLE.

he's paying them less than a third of what a PRIVATE corporation would pay people in similar positions of power! GET IT?

his police commissioner, (a convicted criminal named Ray Kelly) (not to be confused with the convicted criminal Mike begged to be his police commissioner: Bernie KERIK) (lucky for us Kerik turned him down because the salary was too low!) ---police commissioner Kelly just got a record pay hike of $23,000 dollars a year (not bad to do very little work!) and is now making $212,000 a year.

But in the PRIVATE sector, being responsible for the LIFE AND DEATH of 13 MILLION PEOPLE (8 million residents; 5 million daily commuters) would pay at least $5 MILLION a year!

MIKE BLOOMBERG IS SAYING HE HAD TO HIRE CRAP DEPUTY MAYORS AND A CRAP POLICE COMMISSIONER AND CRAP EMPLOYEES b/c he couldn't pay ANY of them more than $250,000 a year in a city where tens of thousands of ordinary people earn OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR! (Even many entertainers living in NYC earn over a million a year, nevermind the CEOs and Wall Street brokers etc.)

But if you ask the LIAR about this, he'll say his team is the best!


When Bloombag's police commissioner (a dangerous crook named RAY KELLY) was police commissioner for DAVID DINKINS in 1991, his salary was less than $1oo,000 a year---PROVING BLOOMBAG LIED TO YOU. (Because this proves that you can have the SAME police commissioner for $100,000 a year, saving the taxpayers millions each year.)

(Kelly wasn't going anywhere, so WHY did Mike Bloombag just give him ANOTHER $23,000 pay raise? BECAUSE NO ONE WILL STOP HIM NO MATER HOW MUCH OF YOUR MONEY HE STEALS!)

Everything Bloombag said is contradicted by everything ELSE Bloombag said. This is how you catch a LIAR. More on this later.


This slimebag Bloomberg donated millions to charity to buy people’s favor and socially bribe them, but did it “anonymously” to appear “humble” and selfless. (Sure... a guy who named all his companies after himself is probably a classy altruist, right?) (Sheesh!) Then, he had his staffers LEAK TO THE MEDIA THAT MIKE was the “anonymous” donor, and the media all hailed Mike and let his “secret” out! (Um, should I mention that Mike writes off on his taxes every penny he donates to philanthropic pursuits? He’s not actually donating a cent. YOU, the taxpayer essentially are! Haw haw!)


Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Stalin, Hitler—NONE of them ever did this! (Again, my research shows that Bloombag is far sleazier than Chancellor Hitler in about 90% of categories. I’m not kidding. For more details visit HitlerAndBloomberg.blogspot.com.)


Bloomberg stole tens of millions of your taxdollars to fund child molestation!

(Oh alright... he didn't "steal" the money. He just "took it against your will".)

his support for the rape empire known as the Catholic Church is irrefutable---ask him or his campaign yourself----and Psycho Mike alone runs NYC’s Foster Care system, which PAYS men with YOUR money to house orphaned or troubled young girls and abuse them with little supervision or accountability!

He supported the absurd 5-year statute of limitations for rape to ensure rapist priests and others escape punishment quickly!

He also supports the tax-exemption of the Rape Syndicate called the Catholic Church, b/c he said many times that we must "all" share the pain of higher taxes. (Well, a well-established Rape Factory shouldn't have to pay higher taxes or ANY taxes at all, but YOU who didn't rape anyone or cover up any rapes SHOULD have to "share" the pain---or rather, keep it ALL for yourself!)

I can go on with greater detail but we've got a lot more ground to cover.

HE IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST LIARS IN HISTORY. His argument is that the mayor of NYC has little to do with crime fighting or protecting children!




most politicians in the USA did much of the same sleazy stuff that Bloombag does, but it was Bloombag himself who promised he would be the opposite of all other politicians (both “liberals” and “conservatives”), and a GREAT REFORMER, so we could arrest him tomorrow for fraud and other crimes, and we must ----according to him—---hold him to a higher standard than any other politician.

Anything he did wrong that all other politicians do is extra scandalous by HIS reasoning.

And I agree with him completely.

For instance,
all NYC mayors supported locking many of the subway exits and entrances to create a sure-fire death-trap in an emergency underground, but our only post-9/11 mayor—Lord Bloombag— has had even more reasons to unlock these deadly and illegal barriers in case of CIA terror attacks, er, attacks by a few guys with boxcutters, or even track fires, and Bloombag refuses to obey FDNY laws. (And like a drunk driver who hits no one, we can arrest Bloombag tomorrow for endangering millions of people with his criminal negligence.)

(FUN FACT: Bad Minds Think Alike. Bloombag's mentor Looney Giuliani ALSO refused to obey FDNY laws. EX: when he put a 6,000 GALLON tank of fuel in the LOBBY of 7 WTC which was very dangerous and illegal. It's a main reason engineers say GIULIANI's criminal negligence caused the TOTAL COLLAPSE of that skyscraper---the only building in all history to collapse due to fire, say the experts!! [I personally think it looks like a perfect and deliberate demolition job, and there were many reasons to destroy that building because it housed govt offices going after white collar criminals and rudy's criminal friends. ] )

(HEY: are YOU going to pay the billions to replace that skyscraper destroyed by YOUR mayor? Crook Larry Silverstein may have sued us b/c the official explanation is that our "representative" destroyed this PRIVATE building thru illegal activity! It's all top secret so we may never know the truth. Bloombag won't answer any questions about it!)

(Don't worry, we'll have lots of 9/11 SCANDALS about Bloombag coming up!)


(How about the million LOCKED public doors in NYC stores, delis, etc? How often do you see two glass doors entering a store or other business and ONE of them is locked?? [“Please use other door”] THIS IS FLAGRANTLY DANGEROUS AND ILLEGAL. Duh: you can’t lock a fucking exit door!! That’s INSANE. And ILLEGAL. If there’s a fire, or a “terrorist” act, or ANYTHING that gets patrons running to the exit, half of them are going to be blocked or have to dive thru the glass! (See: 100 dead people at a Great White concert in Rhode Island because they bottlenecked at the exits!) (See: HappyLand, where 80 people died in a fire b/c there was only one exit.)

WE COULD ARREST MAYOR BLOOMBAG for this tomorrow, with not one injury, again, just like we arrest drunk drivers who endanger society. (Maybe the Mayor will claim he doesn’t run the FDNY or the Fire Marshalls, right?)



Bloombag is so insane he blocked an effort by Councilman Tony Avella to stop "warehousing" apartments in NYC!

(Avella pitched a common sense law that would require rich developers LOWER THEIR RENTS if they cannot rent out LUXURY apartments and condos for a certain period of time. Bloombag thinks landlords should be allowed to keep tens of thousands of apartments EMPTY rather than lower the rents, because they fear it will create a domino effect and lower other rents and hurt their excessive profits and the bogus “free market”. The developers just write off all the lost rent on their taxes while homelessness and high rents thrive and destroy NYC.)

It’s far worse than what Giuliani and Bush did to innocent Americans!

As if that wasn’t enough, it gets much worse: Bloombag continues a racist policy by the Giuliani Administration of warehousing over ten thousand apartments in PUBLIC housing projects all over NYC—refusing to rent them out due to the retarded right wing belief that minorities don’t need any “charity”. (Republicans like Mike Bloomberg and Giuliani believe that only the RICH deserve “charity” and welfare.)

Turns out it’s costing YOU the taxpayers over $20 million in lost revenue every 12 months!

Got that? Bloombag didn’t simply fight to make many more people homeless... he lost YOU over $160 million just in lost rent money over the past 8 years (with four or eight more to come)!

And this doesn’t account for the hundreds of millions of tax dollars the mayor disappears each year on bogus “Homeless services” [ie, big dishonest contracts for his friends and cronies to do little to help the homeless]! I could write a 3,000 page book just on Bloomberg’s housing scandals!


(Let me include herein that Bloombag is far worse than Psycho Giuliani on all issues of housing and rent control, etc. For instance, never forget that Bloombag donated tons of cash to the upstate Republicans to keep them in charge of Albany, to ensure rent control continues to be murdered. Even that powerful ass-kisser Giuliani didn’t do that much to help them!)



Did you know Bloombag's WEALTH alone actually proves
he's one of the worst politicians in all history?


Because, unlike most two-faced politicians (such as a Looney Giuliani or a George Bush) who MUST KISS ass to the corporations who are destroying our city and nation, ditto the corrupt Political Machines, BLOOMBERG DID NOT HAVE TO sell out the citizenry to win office.

He didn't have to make backroom deals with slimy fundraisers as 99% of political candidates do.

He didn't have to tell unions or real estate developers what they wanted to hear.

No quid pro quos.



Bloombag didn't have to help Steinbrenner and the Yankees steal over $4 billion in YOUR tax money to build them a new stadium. He could've told them "NO WAY" (as he promised us he'd do when he ran for office in 2001.)

Bloombag's wealth meant he didn't have to cave in to the CORRUPT MEDIA that pulls the strings of all politicians and decides who wins and loses elections, and who are ultimately responsible for most of our bad govt b/c THEY put these crooks into office.

(Unlike a Giuliani, Bloombag could've gone right around all these professional liars.)

Media is far more powerful than politicians are. EX: Bush wouldn't even have been Governor of Texas if media had told taxpayers the truth about his convictions, his business failures, etc. BUT THEY KEPT IT SECRET in exchange for cash.

And Bloombag had even more power when he was the incumbent in 2005, and 2009, but instead of his riches being a buffer against the traditional forces that give us a LYING DEMOCRAT and a LYING REPUBLICAN in each election, his riches were used TO HELP THESE POLITICS-AS-USUAL FORCES ROB YOU OF MORE CASH THAN EVER BEFORE.


(His whole campaign and staff are all TYPICAL political operatives! NO ONE is LESS "INDEPENDENT" than TAX HIKE MIKE, but the media all keep calling him "independent" over and over (in exchange for cash)! Sleazy Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler? A Giuliani leftover! Criminal Police Commish Ray Kelly? A Dinkins machine leftover! The guy running Bloombag's campaign this time? THE RIGHT HAND MAN OF ARRESTED ILLINOIS GOVERNOR ROD BLAGOJEVICH---Bradley Tusk!!! Bloombag's campaign spokesman, Howard Wolfson? He's so "independent" he has a long history as a spokesman for the biggest Democrats like HILLARY CLINTON---hows THAT for "independent" "outsiders"?)

I can't say this enough: DOUBT EVERYTHING YOU READ IN NEWSPAPERS, and automatically assume that everything government (and big biz) is telling you is FALSE.


Psycho Bloombag is perhaps the first mayor on earth to punish store owners because their awnings included information on what they sold inside!!

(To raise more cash for the Yankees and other corporate welfare, the mayor had hundreds, maybe thousands of tickets written for such offenses as putting the word ‘sandwiches’ on the awning of a deli! Look it up. No one remembers this scandal from many years back. You’re only allowed to put the name of the deli and the phone number, Psycho Mike said! It was an obscure law no one even knew about!) By contrast, Giuliani, the king of digging up obscure ancient laws to harass NYC with—see that Cabaret Law again!—never went this psychotically far! (Bloombag nickel and dimed the whole city on thousands of scandals like this. He had to to raise enough cash to create the most bloated budget in all earth’s history on a city level. I.e., WORST MAYOR EVER.)


Bloombag is so psychotic, that, when he found out his NYPD was FALSELY ARRESTING many people for driving “stolen” cars that they had bought... at NYPD auctions (!!) he did not care in any way. [The NYPD—solely run by Psycho Mike—had failed to clear these once-stolen cars from their computer system!!] (YOU then paid hundreds of millions more in tax money to settle these lawsuits, suckers!) Look it up. He didn’t even apologize to people who were fucked over by him. That’s how purely evil this monstrosity is.

Which reminds me of the woman who got $8 MILLION of your tax dollars this year, because she proved Bloombag’s CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE in a court of law! Her husband was killed in the Staten Island Ferry crash, which was no “accident” if you look up the details. But what’s really amazing is that she said the reason she sued was BECAUSE BLOOMBAG WAS A JERK TO HER GRIEVING FAMILY! (Even Bloombag's fans at the NYPost wrote an editorial slamming their favorite mayor---that's how bad this crook is!) The Mayor is LEGALLY responsible right there to pay you back $8,000,000. (Imagine how many trees we could plant with that one amount of Bloombag waste right there!)

(I’m not exaggerating. I have millions more concrete examples like this. He’s far far worse than Nutjob Criminal Giuliani was. And the ONLY reason Bloombag doesn’t outdo Bush / Cheney in all categories is because Bloombag’s presidential ambitions failed. As mayor, he doesn’t have the power to commit as many crimes as the president.)





Many people ask me where I get my statistics and info from and I'll tell you briefly. (Brevity is not my strong suit because the facts I leave out are often more fun or juicy than the main ones I list.)

unlike most reporters----who just rewrite government press releases as if that was "journalism"---or whom get all their info SECOND-HAND at best----much of my reporting is FIRST HAND:

i'll go into one of Bloomberg's "Job Centers" and ask for a job. The staff will then admit to me that they do not help people get jobs there. (I already knew this, because we know that if the government says it, it's likely a lie, but I doublecheck sometimes.) (Giuliani renamed all the welfare centers "job centers" in one of his typically-Stalinistic propaganda devices and Bloombag continues the Stalinism tactics in most areas too.)

When Bloombag promised "Eviction Prevention", I called 311 to investigate all by myself. (I found it was fake like every other thing this crook did.) I do this a lot, which is why no newspaper would ever hire me again: I'm accurate. Embarassing the Emperor is the biggest crime in NYC, because he funds the newspapers with his riches and unprecedented advertising dollars.

I also ride a bike all around the city 365 days a year, so I see with my own eyes all the filth, potholes, crews chopping down healthy trees, graffiti, cops illegally parking, and on and on.

(Sometimes, I even forward stories to the mainstream media. EX: The biggest scandal in the 2005 election ruined C. Virginia Field's campaign for mayor. The Daily News and NYPost did cover stories on it that were the result of me sending them a jpeg file, but they, of course, didn't give me any credit, AND they only blew this story up because theywere all working for Field's opponent: Mike Bloombag.)

a large portion of my facts I got FROM THE MAYOR AND HIS STAFF THEMSELVES, via their own quotes and videos and press releases, campaign flyers and ads, and so on.

it was Bloombag himself who said changing Term Limits behind the voters' back would be "disgusting" and "despicable"! (Again, I totally agree with Mike that he's despicable and a treasonous enemy of democracy.)

I can show you all the 2001 and 2005 Bloombag flyers and campaign booklets I saved that all NOW PROVE that he lied about almost everything.

It was Bloombag's OWN campaign spokesman, Howard Wolfson, who said Bloombag cheats elections with his money. (Said BEFORE Bloombag hired him with a monster salary!)

In fact, no other candidate in US history has so consistently said so many bad things about HIMSELF nor had a staff that so consistently said their boss was the worst!


The very fact that those who ENDORSED him have exposed tens of thousands of his scandals---most criminal offenses that could land him in jail for a thousand years----pretty much ends all debate about this super-crook.

THE CATCH is that these reporters are instructed to COVER UP that the MAYOR is responsible for these crimes.

one common trick you see almost daily in the media is that they'll expose a SERIOUS SCANDAL, but blame "The City" instead of the man directly responsible. EX: when Nixmary Brown was being beaten and Team Bloombag was sent in to protect her from her crackhead parents or whatever, SHE ENDED UP BEING MURDERED under Bloombag's direct supervision. The next day, everyone agreed: "THE CITY FAILED THIS POOR GIRL".

But in fact, the City had nothing to do with it. MIKE BLOOMBAG FAILED THIS GIRL (and he only took billions of your tax dollars to fail! What a bargain!)

READ THE PAPERS MORE CLOSELY and you'll see they use this trick constantly, to protect the man responsible. EX: "The City was found guilty of breaking federal law in the RNC arrests of peaceful protestors "!



HOW did the trees, the parks, the tourists, the architecture, and the rest of us have ANYTHING to do with child protective services or stopping Bloombag from, say, falsely arresting 1800 people at the RNC in 2004???

MOST REPORTERS in NYC know Bloombag is the dirtiest criminal in America, but their editors won't let them tell the whole truth, so sometimes it slips out in more "SUBTLE" ways.

ANOTHER COMMON TRICK you'll see in the daily papers is where they'll expose a scandal by a BLOOMBAG OPERATIVE, and blame the scapegoat by name, but LEAVE OUT THE TINY FACT THAT THEY WERE WORKING ON BLOOMBAG'S BEHALF. And then you'll read about that person "resigning" to make the scandal go away. Bloombag gets no blame.

"The Buck NEVER stops here"
should read the sign on his desk!

(Essentially the same thing the Catholic church did with child molesters. If they got caught and there was heat, they'd simply transfer the priest to a different parish or church where they could molest new victims. No joke: we could literally ARREST half the church bosses and seize most churches under RICO statutes and other laws, just as the courts said we could seize the property of other criminals who used the properties to ASSIST in the criminal activity!)


WATCH TO SEE HOW MANY NEWS ARTICLES ABOUT BLOOMBAG'S RECORD CAMPAIGN SPENDING THIS YEAR curiously OMIT the deadly fact that Candidate Bloombag in 2001 PROMISED he'd not spend a lot more than his opponent in 2005 or ever again!

Almost all news stories leave that CRITICAL DETAIL out.

Because they and Tax Hike Mike know voters have lousy memories and forgot this super-scandalous fact. (Again, it's so scandalous that Bloombag could be arrested for it. But they won't tell you THAT either.)

Now, back to the monster list (which, sadly, won't be long enough to even touch on 1% of this super-crook's crimes)...


Bloombag spent over $5 BILLION during the last 8 years to "solve" homelessness, and even HE admits the money disappeared and that there were MORE homeless after he swindled your billions away! ALL that money went to... Bloombag and Giuliani cronies for “homeless services” even though a six-year-old who flunked math class can figure out you could BUY EVERY HOMELESS PERSON IN NYC A CONDO for less than $1 billion dollars, and return the other $4 billion to you taxpayers!

Got that? ANYONE else could end homelessness tomorrow and SAVE you billions while doing it. But not the man who is a legend for flushing money down the toilet like no other human in history!

(Even Bloombag fans admit he’s the worst money manager of all time. Heck, the $160 million he spent to buy two mayoral elections—when no other mayor had to spend more than $20 million to achieve the exact same result!—confirms no one wastes money more. THIS is why 100% of the media tells you over and over how good he is with money! The media is a govt tool, duh, and has been for 200 years. They repeat the lie, repeat the lie, repeat the lie.)


And keep in mind that Bloombag says there are around 40,000 homeless people in NYC and yet he warehoused (that means he kept them EMPTY) over 200,000 vacant apartments!!! (20,000 of which belong to YOU!) (Still think I’m exaggerating when I call him the most corrupt mayor in US history??) (And I’m not going to be able to list 1% of his scandals in this lengthy expose!)

(FYI: I could list over 1 million scandals by Team Bloombag just involving the NYPD!)

(I could list over 50,000 scandals just in his crooked Parks Department!)

(I could list 10,000 separate scandals just on the Yankee Stadium boondoggle!)

NONE of you have a clue just how corrupt this man is.


BLOOMBAG DECLARED WAR on VICTIMS of crime, for instance, streetcorner newspapers boxes. Tax Hike Mike is so sick and deranged, he (unlike even Looney Giuliani) decided to punish all the papers (who ironically hail him as the greatest mayor ever in exchange for tons of cash) who had their streetboxes vandalized with huge fines... ... for being vandalized!

LET ME REPEAT THAT again for you:

since Bloombag runs the world’s largest police force (the NYPD) (who themselves say they can’t solve 80% of crime)---and is totally impotent to stop graffiti tagging, etching acid crimes, etc --- our psychotic mayor decided to punish the people who were the VICTIMS of the crime! He fined the Voice, The Times, and all the others who have street boxes tens of thousands of dollars because their boxes were tagged with graffiti! (Could that be why their coverage of Bloomberg today is all dishonest in its praise for Lord Bloombucks?)

He may be the most insane politician in history!

(Should I include other hideous examples, like how he charges victims of hit and runs money if they try to seek justice? EX: you now have to pay $10 just to get the name of the insurance company of the bad driver from the “public servants” at the NYPD if you get hit by a car! It ain’t the cops’ fault—it’s Giuliani and Bloombag’s because they had to raise all fees and such to pay for new Yankee stadiums, 100% pay-bribes, er, hikes to the entire [part time] City Council, and other similar shams!)



PSYCHO BLOOMBAG HIMSELF admitted [because actions speak louder than words] that his entire life was dedicated to ONE THING: making himself excessively rich AND making other rich people richer---again proving he's FAR worse a human and mayor than even criminal Looney Giuliani! (The Bloombag Machines for the financial industries is where he [illegally] made all his money. They weren't designed to help the middle class or the poor. They only existed to help make the rich richer!)

This was 20 YEARS before he became mayor and worked daily to make the rich richer.

I warned everyone what kind of mayor Bloombag would be beginning in 2001 and everyone called me "crazy". (His refusal to answer almost any questions SHOULD'vE

Today, everyone says all my predictions came true. (TOO LATE!)

Even most of history's madmen like Hitler and Stalin and Bush didn't dedicate their lives to making the rich richer!!!!


please forgive any sloppy editing or continuity in these articles. Not only is it difficult to cover so many different Bloombag scandals (which often overlap), I’m using shitty borrowed computers and I’m sleep deprived from insomnia (and also from being tortured by Bloombag’s goons in Rikers Island in 2009). And I’m not being paid a cent to take on one of the most dangerous Goliaths on Earth. (If you’d like to make a donation of any kind, contact me at empiregoodness@yahoo.com!) Also, my life is in ruins because a crook named Harry Stuckey stole my life savings, my home, my income, and more, and I’m couch surfing with no money or stability because Bloombag and his NYPD don't give a shit about catching WHITE COLLAR criminals. Obviously City Hall and “law enforcement” won’t go after this crook. They get paid whether they do their job or not. Also, I’m trying to give you raw facts and not be too “artistic”. And my sense of humor is wearing thin too, as I watch Bloombag and pals rob us all of trillions of dollars. Sorry. This site is still being constructed. (It would take 5 years to list half of Psycho Mike's scandals, so please understand.)

(NOTE: lazy thinkers will say "but bloombag couldn't have stolen trillions b/c he never got near that much money as mayor for 8 years". WRONG, lazy thinkers. A) you are forgetting to tally the ENTIRE FUTURE of debt service and monster interest payments, that grow exponentially each year. You are forgetting to include the ENTIRE FUTURE of pension increases, and entire future of salary hikes that he snowballed by record amounts and grow for eternity thanks to Bloombag's crimes. You are forgetting to include the hundreds of billions in LOST monies he gave away to all of Corporate America and how those will snowball FOR ETERNITY. You are forgetting how he exploded NYC's costs to unsustainable heights---which will force future mayors to recklessly borrow hundreds of billions! [EX: just his corrupt expansion of the schools budget---and little of that money went to students!---alone has already brought NYC to its knees forever!]... and so on... and B) you are forgetting to include the trillions of dollars we all lost and will lose over the next hundred years thanks to Tax Hike Mike's hard work and money funding Bush's reelection in 2004, and Mike's support for the Iraq war in the first place. America and NYC will NEVER EVER pay off even 5% of those loans! You'll just pay more and more trillions each year to the Chinese etc ---just in INTEREST payments on the debt! Currently, YOU already pay about a TRILLION DOLLARS every 12 months just on the Republicans' FEDERAL debt! (Bill Clinton was the only one to pay DOWN the debt.) This doesn't include NYC's record debt nor NY State's record debt! Wake up, people. I'm not kidding about how badly these crooks screwed you! "Financial Wizard" Bloombag deserves more blame than probably any other American for destroying us beyond the point of no return. But NO ONE will tell you the truth but me b/c they don't want you rioting in the streets!)

Let's move on...


Bloombag helped steal hundreds of millions of dollars from you, just with those awful plastic banners hanging from half the street lamps.

If you look closely you’ll see they’re corporate advertising masquerading as the “public good”! (ex: “NYC is the banking capital of the world! sponsored by CHASE MANHATTAN”.) They’re preposterous, but more importantly, they generate hundreds of millions of dollars on YOUR public property, but none of the cash goes to you, the public, suckers! (It goes to NYC & Co, who are a private company run by Giuliani’s ex-mistress and press secretary!! Ha ha!)

Bloombag could be arrested for just this one scandal alone tomorrow.

But he won’t be, b/c our law enforcement is all politicized and has little to do with enforcing laws. (Should I include herein that Bloombag has the NYPD harassing society with idiotic ticket quotas solely for the purpose of raising more cash for the mayor to steal away for his fellow rich folk? Stealing your money is pretty much his main purpose in City Hall.)

"Financial Capital of the world"

"Real Estate Capital of the World"??

This next one doesn't even purport to "inform" the public! It's just a picture of the Washington Square Park arch, but doesn' t even promote the park. Hmmm! Curious!

"Financial Capital of the world"---AGAIN??

This one's my favorite, because Bloombag declared War on nightlife like no other mayor!



Bloomberg is one of the most dishonest politicians in US history, and he has the cash to cheat everything and everyone, which is why most New Yorkers believe that he cares about the environment: that’s what all the news media told them! (Just because they got caught lying to you on millions of prior occasions doesn't mean they'd lie again, does it?)

But no one else has done more to hurt our environment than Mike Bloombag, from his tireless support of the Bush Administration (whether it be Bush’s lying about the air quality at Ground Zero or pulling out of international environmental treaties or letting corporations poison your food) to his lies about asthma rates in poor neighborhoods.

I mean, Bloomberg is the first mayor of NYC who flies around recreationally in his own HELICOPTER! How’s that for our so-called “green” mayor who’d rather put cops on Segways than bicycles?



Bloombag is the first mayor in all human history to remove 90% of bicycle parking (!!), as he spent tens of millions of your taxdollars (without your permission) in order to remove all the parking meters that make up most bike parking (to replace them with those scarce Muni-meters at enormous debt to the taxpayers!) but he somehow didn't think to FIRST install all the bike racks he promised. OOF! Giuliani didn’t do this! (And unlike a car, a bike can't really be locked to itself!) This is akin to taking a crap BEFORE you pull your pants down. (Meaning, Bloombag is legally insane.)

Shall I remind you that he's the first mayor on earth to spend millions to declare WAR on the Critical Mass bike rides, and have the NYPD cut locks and steal the bikes of innocent people?

Even Looney Giuliani wasn't that deranged and criminal!

Again, I have to leave out thousands of extra-scandalous facts.

Bloombag spent tens of millions of YOUR dollars---against your will---- to remove the old parking meters when he could've just left them there as bike parking (increasing NYC's already largest-on-earth DEBT).

Someone made a LOT of money off this and it wasn't you or I.

NEXT, he spent (and is spending) tens of millions of YOUR dollars---against your will---to install bike racks all around the city to REPLACE what was already there free of charge: things to lock your bikes to! (This ballooned NYC's already-largest-on-earth DEBT further!)

(see any pattern yet?)

(I could claim to "create 400,000 jobs" too by having any idiot move a trash can 3 feet away and then back. And have them do this over and over, accomplishing nothing with your money. Bloombag has created more FAKE projects than any mayor in human history too. more details elsewhere on this site.)



Even Looney Giuliani didn't rob millions of people's views of the impressive Manhattan skyline. Even Bush / Cheney didn't!

Even MORE OUTRAGEOUS, is that Bloombag STILL could've put luxury condos all along the waterfront WITHOUT blocking everyone's views, but he didn't give a shit.

It wasn't HIS view being blocked!

GO TO KENT AVE in Williamsburg along the East River tomorrow if you think I exaggerate. You'll see giant LUXURY skyscrapers creating a giant wall blocking all the residents who've lived there as long as their whole lives. (Imagine buying a home with a beautiful view and then YOUR EMPLOYEE destroys it behind your back! I'm the most cynical person on earth and yet each minute my jaw still drops from Bloombag's super-evil.)

NOTE: if I was mayor and I still wanted to give my rich pals that waterfront so they could get even richer I would've demanded the skyscrapers be TWICE AS TALL and TWICE AS THIN, so at least 50% of the view of the skyline from all the short Williamsburg buildings would remain! (Got that? It's similar to a NYC law that offers rich developers the chance to build HIGHER, if they don't take up as much of a footprint on the street level, so it's less oppressive to most pedestrians etc. This is why there are a bunch of uptight "public spaces"---some benches, some trees--- next to giant office buildings and giant luxury apartment skyscrapers, which I think dates back to Koch. (Needless to say, those "public spaces" are often NOT available to the public! Can you say bait and switch again?) )


Because he is both psychotic AND evil to the core. ASK HIM yourself. Bet he refuses to answer you, his employer!


Giuliani DIDN'T.

(See ANY pattern yet?)


Considering there are still thousands of VACANT lots in NYC that DON'T block the view of landmarks, WHY WOULD PSYCHO MIKE do such a psycho thing?

B/c his super-rich friends can buy even MORE mansions in Europe and around the world (siphoning out more money from America's economy) IF THEY BUILD ON THE WATERFRONT rather than inland!

(But the rich can afford cars, limos, and even taxis! There's NO NEED to put luxury condos so close to Manhattan! Too bad Psycho Mike HATES logic and justice.)



(Remember: even Bloombag has said over and over that Excessive wealth and Greed is GOOD. While Jesus and the Bible say Mike is an evil sinner! I'm an atheist and yet I totally agree!)

This is another example of why I say he's likely the worst POLITICIAN ever. In fact, the more you find out about this record-shattering criminal, the more you'll start to wonder, like me, if he's possibly the most criminal scumbag of all time! Imagine if this nightmare was President and could declare wars! YIKES!) (Remember: Mike was one of the biggest supporters of the two most embarassing and flubbed wars in history: his buddy Bush's Iraq War and the Afghanistan War!)


DID YOU KNOW that Bloombag and his own Police Commissioner, Ray Kerik, er, Kelly (note to self: must stop making that mistake) BOTH say Bloombag committed many many crimes?

Both have said that criminals don't commit ONE lone crime. Both say that, if a criminal is caught commiting ONE crime [say, illegally arresting 1800 innocent American citizens and illegally holding them inhumanely in a warehouse not made for trucks, not humans] that invariably means the person commited MANY crimes besides the one they were caught doing!


Another fun fact: you know what Bloombag did when Ray Kerik, er, Kelly (dammit!) was FOUND GUILTY IN FEDERAL COURT of violating the US Constitution? He gave him a PAY RAISE larger than the annual salary of most people on earth! And the more Kelly got caught by the feds, the MORE pay raises (larger than the annual salary of most people on earth!) Bloombag gave him!


Kinda reminds me of CORPORATE AMERICA: the more you fail at your job, the HIGHER YOUR SALARY, BONUSES, and GOLDEN PARACHUTE is!!!

See ANY pattern?


Still think I'm exaggerating when I call him the WORST MAYOR EVER?

Back to our list...


Psycho Bloombag said the most serious crime in NYC is EXPIRED PARKING METERS! Y’see, when the NYPD arrests a rapist or murderer, it doesn’t generate as much revenue as parking tickets do, so Bloombag doesn’t care.

(In fact, another dirty secret is that Bloombag and Giuliani never wanted to lower crime. They just wanted everyone to THINK they did. Lower crime in many ways hurts the economy. Duh: everytime your iPod or laptop or purse or bike is stolen, you have to BUY ANOTHER ONE. This creates larger tax revenues, and the mayor can then go on tv and boast that money is rolling in thanks to “their” administration!) (How’s THIS for a dirty secret: the NYPD doesn’t solve even 50% of murders! The media won’t talk about it because they’re too busy telling you where Lindsay Lohan bought pants the other day!) (And WHY do you think Bloombag spent millions of your tax dollars arresting me and torturing me in Rikers Island? Because no one else will tell you the truth about this super-criminal.)

IT’s FAR WORSE than this, but I can’t go into the thousands of sub-scandals that permeate every inch of City Hall and NYC. EX: the very idea that many parking meters are for a maximum of 60 MINUTES is psychotic and illegal ENTRAPMENT.

(Duh: Bloombag knows tourists and others cannot get back from dinner, a movie, shopping, or anything in 60 minutes. It’s akin to mugging an old lady (except the old lady can fight back).)

Then, he pulls law enforcement off of the 99% of crimes that are MORE SERIOUSaccording to everyone except this lunatic, to have them write 9 MILLION parking tickets per year. And those tix are NOT for blocking hydrants, crosswalks, or anything legit. Sheesh, I could write a 700-page book just on the too-many scandals in this topic. I’m leaving out so many, juicy, scary facts.

(Should I omit that Psycho Bloombag had his DoT install parking meters too close to fire hydrants? Only after the papers (whom all endorsed him) exposed these scandals did they fix the problem!)

(Should I omit that Psycho Bloombag said sidewalks are for automobiles? He said that sidewalks outside police stations, fire stations, and other govt offices should be parking lots for cars and not pedestrians, nevermind that this violates federal law! Go out and look outside every precinct if you think I exaggerate! I’ve even posted YouTube videos about this.)

(I have to omit 99% of his insane criminality because I don’t have time to type out 4 million separate scandals! Aargh!) (NOTE that even Bloombag’s behavior confirms his super-corruption. An HONEST man would not run away from debates, but Bloombag—like his heroes Giuliani, Bush, Hitler, et al—always does [except for the couple he had to do by law]! Bloombag is scared to death of answering questions. Any theories why? He’ll claim he’s busy, but his daily schedule is all photo ops and no real work!)


This wackjob even punished people last year who couldn’t dig their cars out AFTER AN ICE STORM! (For the first and last time in my 20 years in NYC, my bike locked outside was frozen into 5 inches of ICE! Even Bloombag supporters and the Bloombag-bought media told him he was out of his mind, expecting people to obey alternate side of the street parking when everything was buried IN SOLID ICE!!!)

REMEMBER: we only need to prove Mike is a psycho ONCE to lock him away. Can we prove he’s a danger to himself or the community? In 2 minutes!



Bloombag DESTROYED COMMUNITIES and neighborhoods across the five boroughs, which is typical of a psycho dictator.

The man is worse than any terrorist in history! And it’s even worse than this: he not only forced tens of thousands of people out of their long-term homes (via corrupt GOP housing laws; record rent hikes; bogus evictions; etc) but, remarkably, for the first time in U.S. history, he didn’t replace them with NEW communities!

For instance, the German community of the old East Village moved out after the turn of the 20th century naturally and of their own will via typical white flight to the cheaper, nicer, safer, roomier suburbs. Bohemian artists and musicians then moved into the filthy, cramped East Village, where they created a thriving and world-renowned neighborhood of creativity and fun theaters, dance clubs, music venues, etc. BLOOMBAG THEN PUSHED THEM ALL OUT via dozens of initiatives and replaced them with rich yuppies who refused to create any community whatsoever. (Bohemians can’t go to Vail or the Bahamas for the summer or winter. Yuppies can afford to leave the East Village often and don’t open up theaters or music clubs and make no art, destroying any fabric of a community!)

Again, I wish I could go on but we have to keep moving to other super-scandals. You'd never believe how many more I have, and how diverse they are!



BLOOMBAG TOLD SOME OF THE BIGGEST LIES IN HISTORY—such as many totally-insane ones about the stadium deals, and he broke thousands of different laws to cheat them. (He even defrauded the IRS about Yankee Stadium and got caught! But who is going to punish this super-criminal? Bush didn’t, and neither will Obama. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo? NEVER. )

Psycho Mike kept repeating the ludicrous argument that stadiums create economic development and revenue (a lie long-ago dismissed as Earth Is Flat horseshit), which isn’t even possible, considering a Yankee Stadium is only open like 40 days a year, and is empty the other 315 days a year, duh! (By contrast, a friggin’ parking lot is used 365 days a year, and affordable housing generates revenues somewhere around 365 days a year. NOTHING creates LESS economic development than stadiums! Would YOU open up a restaurant next to a stadium that is almost always empty??? Only a mentally ill PSYCHO thinks stadiums help a neighborhood!)

But, as if that weren’t enough to jail this super-criminal for fraud, theft of services, etc (and it IS), Psycho Mike then made the exact OPPOSITE argument when trying to seize and demolish the dead areas around Yankee and Shea Stadiums!! For instance, he said Willets Point in Queens (around Shea) was a junkyard ghetto of car bodyshops ---which is true, b/c Shea created no economic development in its lifetime---because stadiums never have and never will!

Remember, in EACH SCANDAL of the mayor’s, there are thousands of sub-scandals that branch out in all directions, but I can’t fit 99% of them in here.

But so many of them are incredible and fascinating examples of the super-psycho criminal mind of a billionaire!

he then spent record amounts of YOUR dollars to buy up land around Shea Stadium at prices FAR above their market rate, so he could then flip it to his RICH DEVELOPER PALS!!

Ha ha, suckers!!

when trying to pull off his super-criminal heist of the West Side Rail yards, the psycho pulled the opposite tactic: he tried to sell them to the multi-millionaire owners of the JETS for $100 million—$800 million LESS than the land was appraised for!!! (And it wasn’t even Bloombag’s land to sell!) But the best part was his “argument”: Bloombag said that no one had ever bid on those MTA rail yards before, so this suggested they weren’t worth much money!!!! (At the time, I pointed out in NYPress [a shitty weekly I wrote for] that no one had ever bid to buy Central Park either; does that mean Bloombag could sell it to his friends for $5 million bucks?? THE MAN IS A PSYCHOPATH by all definitions of the word.)




LOOK CLOSELY, and see if you can count the scandals.

THIS PHOTO ALONE is enough to end THE BLOOMBAG MYTH and his fake career and jail all the reporters who LIED to Americans to cheat our system of government.

Bloombag violated the federal handicap-access laws for 8 years as Mayor. (Betcha CNN, the NYTimes, and the rest decline to mention this in any of their campaign coverage.) This ALONE makes him one of the scummiest humans on the planet.

after 8 years of Bloombag "helping the handicapped" (like the good "social democrat" he claims to be) NYC still has over 51,000---FIFTY-ONE THOUSAND curbs that are still not wheelchair accessible, which means the person in the wheelchair can't get on or off a sidewalk!!!!!!!!


Mayor Bloomberg was forced to settle the federal lawsuits b/c he was GUILTY of BREAKING THE FEDERAL LAW every year! (Nevermind that he crapped on the weakest people in society. He BROKE FEDERAL LAW to do it! The man is the biggest sleazeball ever!) (Yet he has since broken the terms of that settlement to keep screwing over the handicapped. And his office just lies and lies about it all.)

(Likewise, I'd love to investigate the number of times I've seen crews repave a street that didn't need to be repaved while not repaving streets that have needed repaving for 20 years!)

This photo is super-scandalous if you look closely.

it shows a curbcut was made (using a cutting torch on the metal curb when it was installed). But the curbcut isn't even 7 inches from the road! This is CLASSIC contractor corruption as seen by Bloombag and his idols Boss Tweed and Dubya Cheney.

GOT THAT? We not only didn't get a curbcut [which is illegal], but we PAID for one [which we didn't get, which is illegal]!

ASK BLOOMBAG TO EXPLAIN THIS. (His campaign and staff pled the fifth.)


There' s no disputing Bloombag is the most corrupt politician in US history on a municipal level.

(Tax Hike Mike would be #1, period, if not for the fact that he never had as much money or power as a US President has to break laws with.)

since taking this photo, that curb has gotten even MORE CRIMINAL and SCANDALOUS. Go look for yourself. (If I had good gear, I'd just go photograph it and upload it for you, but my gear is all broken because of the Planned Obsolescence Bloombag endorses.)

It's the southwest corner of Delancey and Bowery.

Months ago, some private or public work crew ripped that illegal curb out! Hooray! BUT DID THEY FIX IT, AS FEDERAL LAW DEMANDS?



HERE'S A RELATED VIDEO I SHOT LAST YEAR---sorry about the sloppy camera work...




[double click it to see Bloombag's name on an expensive sign YOU paid for against your will]

HERE's just another example of HOW & WHY Tax Hike Mike Bloombag created the largest govt spending increases in all human history (on a municipal level).

IT SHOWS cars entering MANHATTAN from Brooklyn (which also happens to be in NYC but no one told Emperor Mike that evidently)... BUT WHY do drivers need to know who is mayor of Manhattan? For that matter, why do drivers ANYWHERE need to know the name of the Mayor? WHY do we need to spend tens of millions advertising the mayor all over PUBLIC PROPERTY??

Tax Hike Mike spent over $20 MILLION tax dollars just to put his name on all govt property for self-promotion at OUR expense. (How many trees could he have planted instead, which would've improved our quality of life for another 50 years!)


And he stole OUR MONEY to self-promote AFTER he ALREADY spent more money than any other human in history on SELF-PROMOTION. (In 2001 and 2005, Candidate Bloombag spent $160 MILLION bucks on mostly nothing but self-promotion: buttons, stickers, ads, flyers, etc, that showed his photo and his name and not much else!)

And Bloomberg named all of his companies after himself (showing a telling lack of imagination, which is a sign of intelligence), so you know what his goal is: the most excessive SELF-PROMOTION ever seen.

Bloombag put his name on FOUR different spots in the backs of all cabs despite there being no reason to put his name on even one.

(It means they have to keep wasting tax dollars every time the mayor changes or the mayor's cronies change, which happens rather frequently.)

ASK MIKE to explain why their names need to be on everything.

Why not just list the 311 City Hall number and if anyone needs to know who's mayor, they can just ask the cabbie or anyone else or call the friggin' number!!

This would save us hundreds of millions over the next 15 years! (Rising costs and increases in how corrupt govt is.)

That ALONE is enough for this thief to be arrested for so many crimes and illegal spending tricks.

But media won't discuss any of it.


Bloombag himself has said on thousands of occasions that he’s the worst mayor in history and a stunning psychopath , just not in these exact words.

after buying the 2001 election illegally, he tried desperately to keep Bernie Kerik on as the NYPD’s dirty police commissioner (while I, alone, was publicly calling for Kerik to go to jail) and praised Kerik to the ends of the earth. Years later, however, Psycho Mike essentially said I was the smartest person in NYC and that, yes, in fact, Kerik was a two-bit convicted criminal! Then, Bloombag spent a ton of YOUR MONEY removing Kerik's name from the jail named after (which Looney Giuliani used millions of YOUR DOLLARS to do in the first scandal the media covered up) and even the Correction Officers' lapel pins!!!!!

(In other words, Psycho Mike couldn’t find the back of his hand unless he paid someone to point it out to him.)

On almost every single issue, Bloombag has flip-flopped and changed his story, and since actions speak louder than words, we should accept his incessant flip-floppery as an admission that he had his head up his ass.

he essentially said we should keep Bush in office and stop Obama, when he declared that now, during this recession, etc, is no time to switch leadership. But if you confront him, he’ll refuse to answer questions [as usual, which means he doesn’t believe his own shifty rhetoric] and now will say he doesn’t love the Bush Administration, even though he kept them in office thru cash and bully-pulpiting.

I can list thousands of times where Psycho Mike basically said “I was totally wrong and a massive idiot” or even worse.

I can show you Mike’s 2001 campaign flyers where he insisted raising taxes would destroy NYC (in order to smear Mark Green, his Democratic opponent who was far more fiscally conservative than Bloombag), and then, even Mike himself later admitted he raised taxes more than almost any politician, AND that the result was that NYC was financially destroyed, with record decay and record debt! But the media doesn’t want to point this out for some ($) reason.

Psycho Mike called himself “despicable” and “disgusting” for changing term limits (google the quotes) without a ballot referendum and I agree 100% with this snake that he is despicable. (Too bad none of Psycho Mike’s opponents in this election will use all Bloombag quotes against our super-liar mayor.)

Of course, you KNOW Psycho Mike is a nutjob criminal by the very fact that not one human on earth–not even the best political spinsters on earth whom he pays tons of cash to defend him—will defend him in public against me and my concrete points. Not one person even from the Mayor’s campaign will dare debate me point by point in public. Now, WHY would Team Bloombag behave like Chancellor Hitler’s staff and avoid public debates? Any theories??

(Does no one remember THAT super-scandal? Bloombag refused to debate ANY other opponents in his two mayoral campaigns except for the two times he was required to by law! If he’s not a crook why did he plead the fifth? If he’s a great “businessman” WHY did he think that a public servant (the mayor) should not have to answer any questions in a job interview??? Not one of his supporters will back him up that an employee should not have to answer questions to their employer! Even Bloombag doesn’t believe this insanity! He may be the most bat-shit crazy criminal this world has ever seen. (Don’t forget that uber-pathetic Psycho Mike is so inept and moronic that he refuses to even try and debate opponents on his WABC radio show—again proving him far more corrupt than even Giuliani—and still has to steal tens of millions of dollars from YOU to pay people to make him sound more articulate and knowledgeable! A smart man can speak without a TelePrompter, and a smart man can write his own speeches! But a lazy moron can’t.



Bloombag is so retarded he has to purchase ALL his support and bribe everyone to help him or like him. Giuliani, Hitler, Bush/Cheney, Palin... none of them had to stoop THIS low! The clown even hires actors to praise him in commercials. (If not for his unbridled evil, I’d almost feel sorry for Bloombag, who is one of the biggest losers of all time, hence his life’s commitment to making tons of money so people would be nice to the humorless chimp.) Even Bloombag’s fans never praised his wit or intelligence. (Go back and look if you doubt me. By contrast, even Governor Patterson’s enemies call him very witty and quick-thinking and my enemies often call me ‘brilliant’.)



Bloombag was a fake at everything he did.

For instance, you all fell for the amatuerish lie that he cared about people’s health, via smoking bans (that were dishonest) and other greenwashing publicity stunts. (You really believe a mayor who gave thousands of his cronies free, taxpayer-funded automobiles—instead of making them take the subway to work or bike—and fought to reelect Bush, cared about making our air cleaner?? That’s moronic.) This is the same mayor who said the air at Ground Zero was super-healthy and then spent tens of millions of your cash to block poisoned rescue workers who were dying from getting any justice!

This is the same mayor who cut down thousands of healthy trees that make our air cleaner!

This is the same psychopath who said we needed Congestion Pricing (a total scam if you looked at the details) to reduce asthma rates amongst kids. (Oops: Congestion Pricing would’ve created far more traffic in the very neighborhoods with the highest asthma rates just outside of the Congestion zones, where drivers would be parking!)



This is the first mayor in human history who forced the citizens to accept SNAPPLE as “the official drink of NYC” in crooked, back-room deals! Their slogan is ‘made from the best stuff on earth” and our mayor says that high fructose corn syrup is so healthy that he moved Snapple machines into all the public schools to ensure growing boys and girls get enough crappy sugar in their diets! (No, the teas don't have HFCS but all the other Snapple drinks do.)

(I’m not exaggerating. I can list over 4 MILLION more concrete scandals like this. Even Giuliani and Bush never stooped as low as Bloombag. I don’t even believe a Stalin or Hitler tried to force the entire citizenry to drink unhealthy liquids!)

(Do I even need to tell you that Team Bloombag themselves now admit all of Bloombag’s promises about how much money the Snapple deal would make us turned out to be FALSE?) (What will it take before you begin to doubt everything the government tells you? Ditto the corporate media.) (Should I bother to mention that Bloombag’s deal with Snapple was ILLEGAL? He could be jailed just for these no-bid contracts!)



Bloombag made none of his riches legally!

Even in his own autobiography he admits he didn’t get obscenely rich by obeying laws! (None of Bloombag’s businesses turn any profit except for the original one: the Bloomberg Machines, which bundle the software and terminals to eliminate all competition like a worse Microsoft. It’s like Chevy making cars that only run on Chevy gas, ie, it’s a federal crime and violates anti-trust laws! Again, Psycho Mike makes a Boss Tweed look amateurish.)



Bloombag’s administration was dirty on too many levels to count.

most of you thought his plan to build a new Jets Stadium over the west side rail yards was just more corporate welfare fraudulence, but it was far sneakier than that.

(For instance, Bloombag’s super-crook sidekick, Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff, bought up property around the rail yards so he would personally profit ala Boss Tweed!)

At this point, there’s almost no chance the few “good” things Bloombag did were legit. (If I had the time and money, I’d investigate his trans fat ban and probably uncover that he bought stocks in all the alternative oils he was forcing NYC restaurants to switch to. That’s how Bloombag got so rich in the first place. Honest people don’t become billionaires, duh. And the crafty ones rob you blind while making you think they did you a favor!)



Bloombag tricked everyone (but me) with his silly lies that he is a lifelong “Democrat” who switched to Republican solely to win the 2001 election.

Let’s try some simple detective work...

FACT: he’s lived and worked in NYC—a DEMOCRAT town—for the last 40 years.

FACT: for business and recreation, humans need to FIT in or else they’ll be ostracized. So Mike had every incentive to PRETEND to be a Democrat his whole life.

FACT: even if you hate the Democrats, it makes no sense to be registered as anything OTHER than a Democrat in NYC, b/c the winner of the Democrat PRIMARY almost always goes on to win the General Election (meaning you must vote in the PRIMARY if you want any say in who runs NYC; and you must be a registered “Democrat” to vote in that primary). There’d be no logic whatsoever for hardcore REPUBLICAN Mike Bloombag to be registered “Republican”. Ever. (This is even more accurate now that he’s just purchased the Republican ballot line easily, since he is no longer registered as under any party.) (Note: Bloombag tried to change the law to non-partisan elections, so you'd no longer have to register Democrat to vote for the winners. Bloombag never wanted to be a Democrat, duh!) (He failed in this quest.)

FACT: in the critical life-and-death 2008 elections he didn't endorse Obama. In fact, the only two DEMOCRATS this "lifelong democrat" endorsed were... (I still can't believe this---it's like Bloombag is now a self-parody of a super-criminal mayor!)... Fake Democrat (and now ex-democrat and Bush assitant) JOE LIEBERMAN and Fake Democrat and crooked Illinois Governor ROD BLAGOJEVICH! (The guy arrested for trying to sell a senate seat and other crimes!)

NOTE: Giuliani and Bush didn't do this crap either!

See any pattern yet???????????




Bloombag has encouraged his developer pals to build the CHEAPEST, blandest architecture to uglify NYC for the next 200 years! NOTE that thebuilding on the left---the fancier one---was built for POOR people in the Lower East Side long ago. The building on the right was built by PAUL STALLINGS, a super-corrupt developer, for RICH PEOPLE!

I can show you Bloombag's efforts to ruin NYC in tens of thousands of different categories.



MORE PROOF Bloombag is easily the most mentally INSANE (legally and criminally) politician in US history and there are thousands of examples, but just one clear one ends the debate quickly: when he cheated the 2001 election to become mayor, he said—as he raised taxes after promising not to— that there was no waste in NYC’s head-spinning $50, 000,000,000 [billion!] annual budget!

Not one other human in history – no republican or democratic moron; no rednecks, lunatics, or criminals like heroin addict Rush Limbaugh – not even Psycho Giuliani or Bush ever claimed there was no waste in governmental budgets! Even Bloombag’s closest aides and allies admit he’s mentally deranged and has no grip on reality. (I’ll give you $100 if you can get anyone, even his campaign manager, to publicly say he agrees with Bloombag that there’s no waste in NYC’s half-pork budget!) (I can prove over $20 billion per year in waste!)



How sick and mentally insane is Bloombag?

He has MALE guards watching the FEMALE inmates in Rikers Island (the world’s largest jail complex)!!! That's beyond corrupt, from both sides of the aisle! (It helps guards rape the women, and female crooks seduce the male guards!!!!





THIS PSYCHO DID RECORD BORROWING (secrety!) WHILE BOASTING PUBLICLY OF RECORD SURPLUSES! (If you had record amounts of cash on hand, would you go to the bank to borrow tons of money at high interest rates? That's legally INSANE!)

I'll say it again: he's the worst money manager in history! STOP BELIEVING what govern-media tells you all!




He produced MORE JUNK MAIL THAN ALL OTHER POLS IN NYC and NY STATE COMBINED---in just one year!!!!----and then he and the media all called him the most "ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS POLITICiAN"!!!!!!

(His excessive campaign mailers are FAR more scandalous than this implies, b/c HE and the media all said how POPULAR he is, meaning he didn't have to send out ANY of this junk mail to win reelection!! But he sent out more than ANYONE, proving that the media and pollsters LIED about it all. The fact is that Bloombag is fighting for his life to win reelection, but the media is in bed with him!)

(Duh, if he was popular, he wouldn't have had to spend more than any human to win the first 2 elections. In fact, he's the LEAST POPULAR candidate in history, according to all the concrete facts, and he's admitting this himself by spending even more than last time THIS time!! WAKE UP, people!) (You only think he's popular b/c... everyone else thinks he's popular... because all the media told you over and over that he's... popular! How long are these ancient brainwashing scams going to work on you people?)


Almost everyone was fooled by his Hitler-riffic and Stalintastic PROPAGANDA MACHINE.

Just repeat the lie over and over and everyone will believe it. No mayor hates the environment more than this crook, yet everyone believes it, just like everyone believed the insane LIE that Rudy was the hero of 9/11, when 100% of the evidence showed he was the villain of 9/11 and killed more people than the "terrorists" did! STOP BELIEVING THE HYPE, people. Please. I'm begging you!


AFTER 16 YEARS OF A REPUBLICAN “RENAISSANCE” IN NYC (courtesy of Looney Giuliani and his partner in crime, Psycho Mike Bloombag), the “Capital of the world” is clearly A THIRD WORLD CITY!

NYC TODAY has hundreds of millions of rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, and stray animals, EXACTLY LIKE THIRD WORLD CITIES. (Even the RICHEST neighborhoods in NYC have these scourges!)

(Hey, after 8 YEARS of Mike tackling these quality of life scourges, does NYC have FEWER rats, roaches, and bedbugs, or MORE. Game Over.)

NYC TODAY is covered in ANIMAL FECES, from dog crap to horse crap, EXACTLY LIKE THIRD WORLD CITIES.

EVEN MORE OUTRAGEOUS, Bloombag STOLE tens of millions of your dollars in order to COVER THE CITY WITH HORSE FECES! (There is no legit reason to have cops on horseback. Bloombag even has the NYPD horses march up parade routes before humans, forcing the humans to march THROUGH the horse manure! This one fact alone is enough to lock him up in a mental ward for the rest of his life!)

NYC TODAY is covered in HUMAN WASTE, from the millions who urinate outdoors or in the subways to the human crap I can show you all across the five boroughs. (Why don’t they use the free public bathrooms? Oh yeah: there aren’t any! And the ones that DO exist are beyond disgusting. Go look at the ones in Tompkin Square Park for instance.)

Living in Chinatown, I have even repeatedly seen mothers pull their children’s pants down and have them pee and poop off the curb!


NYC TODAY has one of the highest crime rates in all history---EVEN WORSE THAN THIRD WORLD CITIES! The crime rate is so high here that even the NYPost did a cover story in 2008 about how many COPS were being arrested for serious crimes!

NYC is so crime-ridden that the POLICE are regularly mugged and robbed! (EX: a female cop was raped at knifepoint in her own home in 2008!!) (EX: in 2009, a WHITE cop shot a BLACK cop to death!) (I’ve got thousands more examples like this if any of Bloombag’s supporters would care to debate.)

NYC is so dangerous and uncivilized that TWO different sets of cops (off the top of my head) were ARRESTED FOR RAPE in 2009 alone! (Two NYPD detectives just went to prison for being MAFIA HITMEN!!! That’s how “civilized” NYC is!)

NYC TODAY features millions of people living in substandard conditions, with leaks, collapsing ceilings, mold, filth, and IN THE TINIEST OF ROOMS---EXACTLY LIKE THIRD WORLD CITIES!
Shall I go on? I’ve toured several nations and all across America and compared them to NYC. Nobody lives like New Yorkers do. (Of course, THIRD world residents don’t pay higher rents than anyone else on earth for total squalor!)

FACT: NYC TODAY features tons of garbage strewn across the entire city---EXACTLY LIKE THIRD WORLD CITIES!

In NYC it’s even worse than Third World in some ways, since we have the most expensive Dept of Sanitation in history! I can show you thousands of public trash cans that spill all over the streets 365 days a year! And have been like this for the last 16 years of REPUBLICAN rule! (The media then insist that Giuliani and Bloombag “cleaned up” NY!)

Even Team Bloombag will concede that no city on earth has more bags of oozing garbage bags blocking half the sidewalks! (Many cities in Western Civilization have NO bags piled on sidewalks! They use dumpsters, etc! How radical!)

Shall I go on ?


CROOK BLOOMBERG - IN DEFIANCE OF MOST SCHOLARS AND ARCHIVISTS - LET CRIMINAL LOONEY GIULIANI ILLEGALLY TAKE ALL THE PUBLIC PAPERS from his administration's 8 years in City Hall to "sort" them out in a PRIVATE warehouse, so they could shred any PUBLIC records that prove Giuliani was a super-criminal.

(Everyone but Psycho Bloombag knows that Rudy was the king of cooking books and cheating public records. EX: just look up the Russel Harding scandal. Giuliani hid the records and only after he left City Hall were they magically “found”. Giuliani’s boy Harding went to jail because the records were found. So after this, Psycho Mike agreed to help Giuliani keep the rest of his pals and Rudy himself out of prison by hiding ALL the PUBLIC recoreds. There was nothing that Giuliani didn't cheat, and even his allies concede this.)

We could jail Bloombag for this obstruction of justice alone. And we should.



Even Tax Hike Mike HIMSELF agrees that he is the direct opposite of Jesus Christ, who was disgusted by the greed and selfishness of rich people like our slimy mayor. (Oh no? Let's see Mike explain how Jesus said you should have several mansions or that you should shit on the poor or the weak. Maybe Jesus was pro-police brutality and crime? Or maybe Jesus was pro-violence and war like Mike is? The only similarities I can find is that both were jews and loved hookers!) (Ba-dum bump!)

I may be an atheist, but I agree with most “Christian” principles, unlike Mike Bloomberg. Our sociopath mayor doesn't even believe in Do Unto Others!

Few mayors on earth have 6 different mansions!



Psycho Mike was sworn in on a book that called him evil! THE BIBLE!

(Look up that part about how it is harder for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than a rich man to be accepted into Heaven. And all the other stuff that says Bloomberg is EVIL and a sinner. In fact, the criminal has violated much of the Ten Commandments too, like “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.)

And not one reporter thought this was notable? Yeah, right.
And being the richest mayor in U.S. history—and perhaps the richest mayor in all history---ie, THE BIGGEST SINNER OF ALL MAYORS according to the Bible that even Mike literally swears by---this is yet more proof that Crook Bloombag is the…



PSYCHO MIKE PROMOTED POLLUTION VIA COMMUTING MORE THAN ANY OTHER MAYOR, and even a moron knows that commuting is one of the greatest evils on earth today.

FACT: COMMUTING = MOST OF THE WORLD’S USE OF OIL, AND IS THE MAIN SOURCE OF POLLUTION ON EARTH. Too many people cannot WALK or bike to their workplace and that’s BAD urban planning.

the subways do NOT run on solar or wind power. They run on NUCLEAR power and FOSSIL FUELS. Subways = unnecessary POLLUTION. (They’re not as bad as cars, but they’re pretty bad.) (I ride a bike 365 days a year, and I promised if elected mayor to put ALL my staff on bikes. No free cars for ANYONE. I also promised a law that says politicians get NO PERK that all taxpayers don’t get. )

Psycho Mike said it’s okay that people who used to be able to WALK to work now have to spend tons of money a year (for subways and/or cabs) and create infinitely more pollution because Mike taxed and priced them out of their homes and forced them to move further and further away from Manhattan (where most NYC jobs are) so his rich developer pals could evict tens of thousands of people to make those apartments EMPTY luxury condos! (Super-Criminal Bloombag also made thousands of public housing units in Manhattan EMPTY to promote fuel consumption!)


MAKING A MILLION PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEND AN HOUR COMMUTING each day costs our society billions of dollars in LOST MANPOWER. Those endless lost hours could’ve been used for something PRODUCTIVE instead. (EX: my mayoral platform had extensive plans to have all NYorkers unite to fix up all courtyards so everyone can enjoy them. THAT’d be a far better use of people’s time than waiting for a train each day on a sweltering platform!)

FACT: Tax Hike Mike GUTTED THE MTA’s SAVINGS ACCOUNT to give $4 billion just to the filthy rich Yankees!!!! (He stole over $30 BILLION total from Public Transportation alone!!) Thus making the commute of most NYorkers FAR WORSE than it needed to be. From no benches for weary commuters to filthy stations that leak, to all kinds of problems with the subway system, they are ALL MIKE BLOOMBAG’S DIRECT FAULT, but again, no newspaper will tell you the truth, b/c they want Mike’s money.

FACT:again, the Republicans who support Mike say Mike helped support TERRORISM by stealing billions of YOUR taxdollars to shift that cash to Saudi Arabia and the other oil-producing nations that they say fund and support terrorism.

REPUBLICANS SAY MIKE FUNDS TERRORISM. Betcha the Republicans shut up about this scandal too. (They have zero principles and stand for nothing. The GOP machine backs Mike for his MONEY, his MONEY, and his MONEY.)
There are thousands of scandals just under this unnecessary commuting topic, but you get the idea.




Even Mike’s FANS at the daily papers admitted that Mike broke this promise, to let his deputy mayors and others have 700 wholly-unnecessary FREE CARS WITH FREE GAS, which not only POLLUTED OUR AIR ---and CLOGGED OUR STREETS----but also cost you HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS per year.
THIS ONE FACT ALONE IS ENOUGH TO JAIL HIM (for theft of services, fraud, and breach of contract, for example). (It’s one legal notch up from embezzling our funds.)

(This is also more proof that he was LYING about his “congestion pricing” SCAMS. Psycho Mike HATES the environment, and has lied to you about EVERY topic and issue he’s ever discussed. No WONDER Giuliani---one of the biggest crooks in US history and the biggest liar in all history----ENDORSED HIM!)


BLOOMBERG IS THE MAIN PERSON IN CHARGE OF REBUILDING GROUND ZERO, and everyone unanimously agrees: he couldn’t have done a worse job. Even Mike’s own staff says he failed beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and I’ll prove this in a public debate which they will refuse to tell their side durng.

Psycho Mike and his trolls will argue that it’s Governor Pataki who is in charge, but that’s not possible. (He’s gone!) So they’ll argue Governor Spitzer, er, Governor Patterson is in charge. NOPE. THE MAYOR OF NYC is the main person in charge, but moronic and impotent Mike flubbed this like he flubbed everything else except robbing taxpayers blind (which ANY chimp, er, politician can do easily).


BLOOMBAG SUPPORTED THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TWIN TOWERS AND NYC’S SKYLINE and he himself admits this. Ask him yourself, if you doubt me. No rebuilt Twin Towers forever means the “terrorists” (or CIA) WIN.

Bloombag also supports the FAKE ELECTION his right wing buddy Pataki held so they could say “the people of NY chose the Freedom Tower”, but the fact is that the voters wanted THE TWIN TOWERS REBUILT, but Republicans DESPISE democracy and fair elections. (Imagine that: Bloombag hating FAIR ELECTIONS? Do I detect a pattern?)
For this alone, we could hang Convicted Criminal Mike Bloombag for treason against our self-determination and democratic principles! WORST. MAYOR. EVER.


CROOK BLOOMBAG---who is solely in charge of Yankee and Shea Stadium (which are owned by YOU)---let The Yankees sell YOUR public property, old seats, sod, etc, and LET THEM KEEP THE PROFITS THAT WERE YOURS!!!

Tax Hike Mike then LIED to us about the profits, claiming the Yankees were paying us $11 million for the “rights” to sell YOUR property, even though their cut was ten times more than that!


Are you getting this super-criminal YET?

There are over 40,000 SEPARATE SCANDALS just involving Yankee and Shea Stadiums, as well as the NEW Yankee and Citi Field stadiums! If he did everything else honestly, his stadium scandals ALONE would be enough to jail him for the rest of his life. He really does make Cheney and Giuliani look like amateurs. (Note that neither of them are even 1/100th as rich as Bloombag, which also suggests how criminal the psycho is.)



BLOOMBAG's OWN SPOKESMAN for his current campaign, Howard Wolfson, said Bloombag was an unethical man cheating democratic elections! That's how you know you're the worst politician in history: when your own highly-paid spokesman writes an op-ed in the NYTimes saying you're a crooked scam-artist!

(The catch is that Wolfson wrote this op-ed in 2005. This year, Bloomberg made him a cash offer he couldn't refuse and now Wolfson only has nice things to say about the most corrupt pol in US history and a man he previously worked to throw out of office! NOW are you starting to see how deep Bloombag's corruption goes, and how fake all his "support" is? He's the fakest politician in perhaps all human history.)



This topic alone could use its own website, because it contains thousands of SUB-scandals that deserve tens of thousands of words that would take you months to read.

But the govt and big business TRICKED YOU AGAIN, suckers!

How the hell can they pretend recycling is good for the environment? It takes the same number of trash trucks clogging and polluting our streets to pick up trash bags whether they’re black or blue, duh! (It may actually take MORE garbage trucks per street to separately pick up trash versus recyclables, but I don’t have time to research the billions of scams by City Hall.)

Do you really think the chemicals they use to melt down PLASTIC or paper are healthy for the environment? Recycling is almost as absurd as a virgin birth!

RECYCLING MAKES NO SENSE ANY WAY YOU THINK ABOUT IT. (ReUSING makes sense, like how most New Yorkers reuse plastic grocery bags as their trash bags instead of BUYING Glad Bags (which is what Bloombag wants us to do with his FRAUDULENT tax on bags scam).

And REDUCING waste in the first place is smart, but Psycho Mike is opposed to this. (EX: I proposed outlawing ANY and ALL packaging that is more than 10% larger than the item it’s packaging. ASK Bloombag to explain why, say, Crunch-N-Munch needs to come in a gratuitous BOX. He’ll refuse to answer the question b/c he’s a crook.) (That’d be like every bag of potato chips coming inside a bag INSIDE A BOX! Crunch-N-Munch is wrecking society even more than most corporations!) WHY do plastic tubes of toothpaste need to come inside a 100% unnecessary BOX??? Bloombag won’t answer that question either, b/c he’s the fakest “environmentalist” EVER.)
And Tax Hike Mike’s plan means you have to take out the trash 75% more often than you’d need to if he outlawed unnecessary packaging, which is easy to do. (American car companies can’t sell their autos in the UK unless they put the steering on the other side. There are many examples of corporations having to obey different laws geographically.)
DO I EVEN NEED TO POINT OUT THAT almost all bars collect the used beer bottles, put them back in the boxes they were delivered in, and have the next truck delivering beer TAKE THEM BACK to the warehouse to clean and reuse them??


DOES NO ONE RECALL THAT PSYCHO MIKE SPENT MILLIONS TO SHUT DOWN RECYCLING IN 2002, (for the wrong reasons) and then spent millions of dollars to RESTART IT (for the wrong reasons)?

(This brainless pattern shows up repeatedly throughout his mayoralty.)



$6 bill schools now $21 bil but no improvements. No fiscal oversight allowed in bill!
City nor state comptrollers have any oversight in MB school control! BF MB INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATOR! (Ed Stancyk?) BF MB contracts over $100K had to be voted on publicly by BOE. MB remove!
(Bush bailouts also block oversight! No auditing allowed!)


BLOOMBAG HIT NYC WITH A 14% water hike just in 2009.

And he put a 12% hike in 2010 in the latest budget!

(This after many prior water tax hikes. I don’t have the exact number b/c I don’t have time to research hit, and if you call his “Press Office” they refuse to answer any questions unless they flatter Dictator Mike.)

AGAIN: Tax Hike Mike not only promised to not raise taxes, he said RAISING TAXES WOULD KILL NYC! He now says NYC is dying but says he had nothing to do with it! I AGREE WITH PSYCHO MIKE # 1: HE DESTROYED NYC.



Unlike most mayors on earth, Bloombag not only says he smoked marijuana and "loved it", he increased low-level pot arrests even more than Psycho Giuliani did! (But Bloomberg and his criminal police commissioner, Ray Kerik - er, Kelly, are focusing on mostly blacks and latinos caught with pot, so they can compile all their fingerprints. That's even more unfair than the reprehensible Giuliani -- AND Giuliani didn't smoke pot and love it, making Bloombag a far more despicable hypocrite who belongs in prison because pot is evidently a serious crime!)



BLOOMBAG DEVASTATED NYC WITH FRAUDULENT CONSTRUCTION that hurt the economy and quality of life.

I will gladly take you to hundreds of PUBLIC works “construction” sites around the 5 boroughs at all different hours of the week and you will see NO ONE WORKING ON THE PROJECTS.

THIS is why it’s taken, say, over 6 YEARS (and counting) just to repave Houston Street and repave a few sidewalks along it! (It took Looney Giuliani 8 YEARS to repave Canal street!) (Curiously, it only took 12 months to build the Empire State Building, and 12 months to build a new Yankee Stadium----Psycho Mike wasn’t in charge of those projects!)

Psycho Mike puts the “CON” in “CONstruction”!




As usual, I could list tens of thousands of SEPARATE scandals under just this one superscandal.
It would save YOU tens of billions of dollars to build a light rail up Second Ave instead, like the silent air-trams used all over the world.

It would save YOU tens of billions of dollars to instead build a fast trolley system up Second Avenue too! THIS would eliminate the devastating construction, pollution, noise, and evictions that the Second Avenue subway is causing, but Psycho Mike is the likely the most insane PERSON in all history.

Still think the RECORD DEBT and RECORD TAX HIKES in NYC is due to the recession and NOT the insane spending habits of Tax Hike Mike and his pals? (Don’t forget: MAYOR BLOOMBERG RUNS THE MTA more than any other person on earth.)


Ex-MTA slimebag honcho and ex-Bloombag deputy mayor Marc Shaw and ex-Bloombag spin doctor Bill Cunningham helped run Governor Patterson's administration!

Conservatives and Liberals alike unanimously panned Team Patterson, yet the media felt like this scandal should be kept SECRET! They didn’t want you to know that Bloombag is also partially in charge of ALBANY! (By contrast, Looney Giuliani fought to keep the DEMOCRATS in charge of Albany and tried to stop Crook Pataki! There are tens of thousands of examples that prove Giuliani was FAR superior to Bloombag, just as there are tens of thousands of examples that prove Hitler was far better than Bloombag!)
(The Media also didn’t feel it worthy of mentioning that Bloombag hired MTA crooks to help run his crooked administration!)



PSYCHO MIKE says that victims of crime should have to PAY for access to justice!

he says people robbed of money should have to PAY to use Small Claims court and he says you should have to hire a very expensive lawyer to sue in regular Civil Court!

Only a mentally-deranged lunatic thinks victims of crime should have to pay to seek justice, and if he could get away with it, he'd probably force rape victims, mugging victims, and all other victims to PAY for justice too! (If he could, the nutjob would probably try to privatize our entire “justice” system and make it FOR PROFIT so only the RICH could get access to justice.)

(I think Small Claims and Civil Court should be free for victims of crime, because I'm "weird" like that. Funny that the right wing billionaire doesn't agree with most of us.)

HOW PSYCHOTIC is MIKE? He also thinks that people should have to pay EXACT CHANGE when they file a Small Claims suit and that the amount should include COINS (rather than rounded to the nearest dollar!) to make life even more difficult for little people. (RICH people don’t have to use Small Claims.)


Don’t forget, I can list over 10 MILLION different scandals by this criminal. (Please don’t make me!) (Even typing these hundreds of scandals is heartbreaking and makes me want to slice my wrists b/c I live in a world where EVIL ALWAYS WINS.)

In fact, almost every single thing he’s ever done is a super-scandal.


PSYCHO MIKE CALLS NYC THE SAFEST LARGE CITY IN AMERICA, and all New Yorkers not only believe this lie, they don’t bother to notice that---even if it were true (and it’s not)---IT’S SUPER-SCANDALOUS:

That can only mean one of two things: either we must have the lowest crime rate of anywhere on planet earth (lower than the suburbs, rural areas, or anywhere) or else the media and Mayor LIED TO YOU about police being responsible for lowering crime.

If we have the largest police force on earth, WHY don’t we have the lowest crime on earth?
Either Bloombag LIED to us (about his crime-fighting prowess and / or about the false crime stats)…

Or else Bloombag LIED to us (and took billions of OUR dollars to spend on a placebo NYPD that doesn’t accomplish much). (NOTE that most places that have few cops also have little crime. No one can ever pretend that police accomplish much. It’s another hoax like Santa Claus.)



Powerful Republican CONVICTED CRIMINAL GUY VELELLA (a very powerful NY State GOP politician) went to jail for BID-RIGGING (which Bloombag got caught also doing with the West Side rail yards and Jets stadium scandal).

Velella was then “ACCIDENTALLY” released from Rikers Island like 7 MONTHS EARLY thanks to Bloombag’s cronies who pulled a LOT of strings to get the criminal out of jail early.
THIS SCANDAL, like all Mike’s scandals, contains a multitude of SUB-SCANDALS.

Psycho Mike got caught lying about ALL of it, for instance, saying he didn’t even know that he had appointed ALL the people who let his fellow rich Republican out of jail early!! (So… then… his argument is that he’s a latchkey mayor. A DEADBEAT “representative”. See? Even if you believe Mike’s lies, they prove he’s a TOTAL FRAUD.)

One of many facts proving Crook Bloombag was lying was that he refused to OBEY THE LAW to investigate the illegal release of his buddy. (A sincere mayor would’ve investigated the suspicious act.)

Thanks only to the media who hounded the crook, [this was before Bloombag bought them all off], Vellela’s illegal release was investigated and it turned out, Team Bloombag had BROKEN THE LAW TO LET A CRIMINAL BUDDY OUT OF JAIL! (Bloombag is on record thousands of times supporting illegal protection of white collar criminals like Scooter Libby, Jonathan Pollard, and many others. VELELLA WAS NO FLUKE.)
NOTE the recent (summer 2009) SCANDALS where Bloombag got caught giving special perks to FELLOW RICH CRIMINALS in jail like Rabbi Glanz’s pals and Foxxy Brown! Just more “coincidences” his staff will say! (Actually, they will decline to comment! Ask ‘em.) (Also note the media pretended the MAN IN CHARGE---Psycho Mike---WAS NOT RESPONSIBLE IN ANY WAY! Why would you hold the man in charge responsible when his staff is lawless and out of control?)



(Of course, he had a rich dad who sent Psycho Mike to the best schools. Hmm!)

From 1860 to 1976, the City College of NY (CUNY) offered FREE TUITION!

Psycho Mike believes that only the rich should be allowed a college education! THIS ONE FACT ALONE SHOULD HAVE HIM DRAGGED TO THE GUILLOTINE. He is the most dangerous Mayor in all earth’s history!
THIS TOPIC also features thousands of SUB-SCANDALS I’ll spare you.

Psycho Mike said it’s better for Bush to LOSE $9 BILLION of your dollars in Iraq (they still insist they can’t find out where it went!) and a trillion on two fake wars murdering women and children THAN SPEND IT ON SUBSIDIZING EVEN PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES!!!!!!!


PSYCHO MIKE TRIED TO KILL OFF NYC’s OUTDOOR CAFES via a variety of means, such as hitting them with deadly higher fees (to plug his broken budgets).

(By contrast, my platform for mayor promised more outdoor cafes than anywhere else on earth.)
You don’t know 1% of what this PSYCHO did over 8 years. And even Bloombag’s OPPONENTS won’t bring up 4% of his super-scandals and endless efforts to RAPE NYC for the benefit of him and his rich pals. WORST. MAYOR. EVER.



When I lived in Boston in the late 1980s, there was a trend where drunken thugs would go around and STOMP locked up bicycles for no reason other than fun.

When I moved to NYC in 1990, I was happy to see the trend did not reach here.

(I’ve had 19 bikes stolen in NYC so far, but that’s better than having your bike mangled for no reason.) (I’ve also had many tires slashed, seats slashed, and parts stolen, because we have the largest and most expensive police force in history.)

ONLY SINCE BLOOMBAG STOLE THE 2001 ELECTION, I mean GOT ELECTED have I seen stomped bikes EVERYWHERE. (I can take you outside right now and show you hundreds and perhaps thousands if you have enough time.)

Some of these bikes are mangled by delivery trucks that crash into everything (which is why most pay phones and ALL of City Hall’s new Muni-meters have metal and concrete bollards to keep trucks from hitting them) but I did NOT see this problem from 1990 til 2002-ish. (As you may have guessed, I’m a bit more observational when traveling around NYC than the average person.)
EVEN UNDER PSYCHO GIULIANI you wouldn’t see many mangled bikes.
PSYCHO MIKE’S “solution”?

Go golfing at his mansion in Bermuda!




Every criminologist (who didn’t get cash from Mike) agree that the BAG SEARCHES by Psycho Mike were FAKE and didn’t make us safer even 1%.

These lawless searches were COMPLETE FEDERAL CRIMES, but Psycho Mike banks on the facts that none of you know the Bill of Rights in the U.S. CONSTITUTION. (Try reading the Fourth Amendment again.)

And, once again, THIS ONE SCANDAL contains hundreds of sub-scandals I’m not listing for brevity. EX: the mentally insane fucktard said terrorists might use BABY STROLLERS for transporting bombs! (Ask any mother how easy it is to get a babystroller into the subways! Since Mike runs the MTA and Mike hates the handicapped, he refuses to obey FEDERAL HANDICAP LAWS to make subways or buses accessible. Just as he fucks over people in wheelchairs, he fucks over moms with babystrollers.)
IF YOU WERE A TERRORIST, would you put a bomb in a stroller and carry it down 3 flights of stairs, or would you just put the fucking bomb in a backpack???

THIS ONE FACT ALONE is enough to lock up this dangerous nutjob for the rest of his lunatic life.

IF YOU WERE A TERRORIST, would you decide to not bomb anything because of these bag searches, or would you merely put the bomb ANYWHERE ELSE (from Times Square to any marketplace, as they do in Israel and Iraq)???

THIS FACT ALONE is enough to lock Captain Wackjob away.
One of the zillion reforms I offered in my platform as mayor was that the MAYOR and all “representatives” had to walk a mile in the shoes of their bosses---YOU. So, for example, the mayor and City Council would---by law---have to ride around NYC in a wheelchair for one day, to see how their illegal indifference effects the little people they swore to serve. The Mayor of NYC would not be allowed to crack down on, say, cabbies until AFTER he drove a cab for a 12 hour shift. (Put him in disguise if need be.) Bloombag despises this kind of fairness. Ask him if you doubt me.

I’ve gone to many international airports and NONE make you take off your shoes for (fake) “security reasons”. And guess how many shoe bombs have gone off on these flights where shoes weren’t checked! That’s right: ZERO.

Betcha didn’t know the increased costs of flying were ALSO Bloombag’s fault.
(Not entirely, but the mayor of NYC alone could end this scandalous WASTE OF MILLIONS OF YOUR DOLLARS, but Bloombag supported Bush’s FAKE “security measures” which is ILLEGAL, as he swore to serve US---not nutjob Republicans who create FAKE CONTRACTS so they can get rich providing said “security measures”.)




It turns out Psycho Mike is trying to charge homeless people to stay in shelters so they cannot save to get a real apartment or home!

(And you thought Bush and Cheney were madmen?)

(WHY do you think Bloombag was the number one funder of their 2004 reelection? Psycho minds think alike.)

The NYTimes (who endorsed this uber-criminal psycho!) reported that a homeless mom had to pay $366 from her monthly $800/mo salary!!!!

(No wonder Bloombag's own employees at HRA told me he's even more psychotic than Looney Giuliani!)

And when a paper that ENDORSED you is writing about your criminal psychosis (as all the papers have on rare occasions, b/c his corruption is so all-encompassing that it must leak out sometimes) YOU MUST BE BEYOND CRIMINAL!


HOW INSANE IS PSYCHO MIKE? Here's another analogy about his scandalous and unprecedented and hyper- corrupt campaign spending:

Bloombag's ACTIONS say that, if he was a boxer with 5 EXTRA boxers in the ring to help him CHEAT the boxing match by ganging up against a LONE opponent, he would need 5 MORE boxers to help him beat his lone opponent!

Here's the math for you:

He said an unfair fight in his favor (ie his endless INCUMBENT ADVANTAGES) is not good enough for him to win the battle so he needs an even more unfair fight in his favor (ie his excessive MONEY ADVANTAGE) in order to win the election!

Incumbents who spend little money win 95% of reelection campaigns b/c they automatically get billions of dollars in FREE advertising by being in office already, that their challengers lack. The advantage is stunningly unfair.

incumbents have every single advantage over challengers, from controlling the contract process (so unions will endorse them in exchange for YOUR cash) to having ALL of your tax dollars at their disposal to BRIBE anyone that isn't supporting them (and millions of those dollars go to media outlets!). (Again, the NYTimes needed Bloombag's support to scam thru their new 8th Avenue skyscraper illegally, cheating Eminent Domain procedures, etc, and tax breaks, blah blah.)

Psycho Mike knows that NO ONE likes him or thinks he's a good mayor and so just b/c 95% of incumbents automatically win reelection, even that super-advantage won't help him beat a weak opponent!!

So he then needs the unfair advantage of spending ten times MORE than his obscure opponents!

This is like a baseball player not only being the ONLY one using steroids to cheat his skills to win, but then having someone drug the entire opposing team with roofies or sleeping pills! And the entire media says this is honest! (How peculiar that the entire liberal AND conservative media all unanimously agree on yet another Bloombag scam! Hmmmmm!)

Forget Worst Mayor Ever... this super-criminal is the...



Want more evidence that Bloombag is a typical Republican right wing scumbag who LOVES DISCRIMINATION?

No less than the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wrote in 2009 that Bloombag's private company employed "systemic top-down culture of discrimination" when illegally mistreating pregnant women who needed time off!

In fact, Bloombag is one of the most racist and discriminatory maniacs in history, and I've got thousands of scandals just in this ONE category! Why doesn't ANYONE from Team Bloombag want to debate and prove me wrong? What's the matter? Caviar got your tongue?!


Again, he's not merely the Worst mayor Ever ---he's the WORST POLITICIAN EVER! Not Bush. Not Hitler. Not Stalin. Not Saddam Hussein.

NO ONE funded and facilitated the building of more unneeded and empty buildings in all human history. (Heck, even the Potemkin Villages were more efficient and useful!)

He stole billions of YOUR dollars and gave it to his millionaire developer friends under the ruse, er, pretense that constructing all these ghost buildings would create (temporary) construction jobs thereby helping the "economy" (because building affordable housing doesn't require construction crews, right you psychopath?)

What kind of lunatic wastes billions of dollars (public AND private) to build structures that won't be used for ANYTHING??? (And in a city this congested, it's a crime. Should I even begin on the massive unnecessary pollution caused by this scandal? EX: moving the middle class into all these empty luxury condos and office buildings would save us trillions on electricity and pollution because more people could walk to work rather than take trains or cars!)
Yet again, he puts the "Con" in "CON-struction".



According to Liar Mike, this would be because of his "business smarts"---nevermind that he's not remotely qualified for the position!---so let's see how RICH this banker makes us, since we have one of the largest public housing stocks on earth. With his alleged capitalist smarts, this means public housing will get CHEAPER (as capitalists promise us), more EFFICIENT, and more PROFITABLE for taxpayers.
Even better, back your plan with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, Mike! (Oh wait... Mike already knows the world-wide recession was created partially by these genius investment bankers! OOPS!) You said you believe in accountability, so where the hell is it?

(By contrast, I promised a money-back guarantee for each and every one of my ideas if I had been elected mayor, just as I promised expanded consumer rights such as discounted prices the longer you wait in line anywhere. Verizon or Con Ed keep you waiting on the phone? By law, they'd have to take money off your bill the longer you waited! When I worked in restaurants, I'd give the customer some free food or a discount on their bill if the kitchen took too long to make their food or if the waitress took too long to get them a menu! I BELIEVE IN ACCOUNTABILITY, which is why the entire media declared war on me to silence me.)

(Did I mention how super-crooked the media is?)


PSYCHO MIKE's elimination of tens of thousands of parking spots for cars and bikes (ex: Kent Ave in Williamsburg) created the greatest Quality of Life hit and pollution increase NYC has ever seen. EX:
the longer cars have to search for somewhere to park the more traffic congestion and the more pollution Bloombag created.
drivers now have to walk as much as half the longest city block to get to those Muni-Meters, then back to their cars, THEN on to their destination. This is the biggest Quality of Life hit drivers ever took in this category. Worst Mayor EVER! This also cost society BILLIONS in lost productivity. (In old days, you had to walk a few feet to feed the meter. Now there's only ONE meter per entire block! Millions of people are now later to meetings, work, movies, dinners, etc etc!

I have personally been late to many different things including work solely because I had to search for ten minutes for somewhere to lock my bike, then walk a long distance to my destination! All b/c Tax Hike Mike had to spend tens of millions to pull out the parking meters and ruin the Quality of life for most cyclists!

(One of my plans was to build many municipal parking garages to get half the cars off the streets and expand bike / rollerblade / EMS lanes.)


NOTE that Bloombag's own staff say he is one of the most influential politicians on earth, as evinced by his "innovative" (and semi-fraudulent) smoking bans; (phony) gun control stunts and lawsuits; listing calorie counts at fast food joints and banning trans fats, etc, etc.

GOTCHA! They can't have it both ways. They'll say TODAY that they deserve no credit for keeping Bush / Cheney in office (and keeping us in Iraq and pushing America into record debt) b/c the mayor is NOT influential, and they'll pass the buck on every other issue the mayor choked on, from consumer rights to the bogus bank bailouts and other city-wide, nation-wide, and international. (Funny that the mayor grandstands to the United Nations on environmental issues but not human rights or murdering women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan or any of the other thousands of crises he evidently has no opinion on!)

By contrast, my plan was to make it ILLEGAL (and the most serious felony possible) for any govt employee to LIE or DECEIVE taxpayers. I also planned a Hypocrisy Law AND a Do Unto Others Law. If Mike is as honest as his cronies, I mean the media says he is, why didn't HE propose these reforms yet? Lying to the boss usually will get you fired in private businesses and Bloombag promised to run NYC as if it were a private business, so WHY CAN'T WE FIRE any govt employee who deceives us even just once??

Psycho Mike promised us reform in exchange for getting the job as mayor. He didn't keep his promise and that's FRAUD b/c he deceived us for monetary gain. (At least ten billion dollars and counting!) (Not even Bush and Cheney can touch Bloombag's corruption level!)


Again, PSYCHO MIKE HAS DONE MORE TO HURT THE ENVIRONMENT THAN ANY OTHER MAYOR IN HISTORY; for instance you may have noticed the number of sinks and faucets and towel dispensers that ARE NOW ELECTRIC! (For 200 years they were mechanical and used zero watts of power every decade!)

How do you switch from using NO electricity to using electricity for things that didn't even need electricity!??

(Why wasn't "envirnomentalist" Bloombag joining me during the 1990s when I was publicly decrying the MTA for switching the entire turnstile system from MECHANICAL (ie, no electricity needed) to ELECTRIC? Because he's a FRAUD on every level. It's just like how he won't try to reduce excessive packaging though it would take about 3 hours to do this and save us billions of dollars and hassles and reduce pollution infinitely!)

half the time I've tried to use these ELECTRIC faucets and towel dispensers they don't even work!

Bloombag's OWN ALLIES have said Psycho Mike is HELPING TERRORISM.

Ex: they said that using fossil fuels (which is where most electricity in NYC comes from) benefits the Arabs who fund terrorism! Again, I'm willing to give Bloomberg’s supporters the benefit of the doubt when they insist Mike Bloomberg helps unnecessarily fund terrorism!

SAD FACT: for decades I've fought to get Foot Pedal Faucets thruout society, like the birdbath types found in many factories: you step on the pedal and water comes out! This is not only more sanitary (b/c your hands never touch anything while dirty OR clean), it's MECHANICAL, meaning no electricity is wasted----and fewer malfunctions! The NYTimes and everyone censored out these things from previous mayoral campaigns. They all thought it was more important to talk about how Bloombag's daughter rides horses! (Again, every problem in society exists and persists SOLELY because journalists and their editors are not honest. Remember: Hitler and Bush never would've gotten into power without journalists lying on their behalf in the first place! I can never overstate the evil of media. Even the Nazis admitted that media is more powerful than all the world's armies combined.)


BLOOMBAG HAS DONE AN ENDLESS NUMBER OF THINGS TO HURT TOURISM AND EVERYONE'S QUALITY OF LIFE, from the outrageous (and fake) cost of hotel rooms in NYC (remember that the costs of everything in NYC are directly the fault of one man---the mayor---via his record tax-hikes, etc, which get passed onto customers, and also via all the fraudulent price gouging that he supports b/c he loves to take money out of the pockets of the little people) to the outrageous crime rates and out of control filth and third-world conditions. (Even ritzy hotels have bedbugs now after 8 years of Bloombag's "leadership"!) NYC's tourism would balloon if NYC wasn't such an expensive and filthy ghetto!

all international airports I've visited give you FREE luggage carts because it's the civilized thing to do. But the "capital of the world" is a bit less humane: Bloombag believes that JFK and LaGuardia should CHARGE YOU for a cart, to nickel-and-dime everyone further. He could end these charges in minutes, but why bother? Bloombag hates Quality of Life issues more than any other mayor in earth's history! If Bloombag could charge you for the use of a shopping cart he would! Which reminds me...


PSYCHO MIKE's PLAN TO CHARGE FOR PLASTIC BAGS at grocery stores is yet another FRAUD of his against the little people.

Nevermind that I prove elsewhere thruout this list that no one hates the environment more than Psycho Mike, his plan was created solely to create A NEW TAX under the hoax of environmentalism. And his plan won't work, because most of us use those plastic bags as... TRASH BAGS! If I don't get free plastic bags, I'll have to BUY plastic bags! There will be no reduction of bags, duh! (And it'll be worse, because small bags mean I take the trash out more often. Larger bags mean the garbage sits in your house five times longer, stinking up the place and promoting vermin and cockroaches!)
This one issue alone proves him to be the Worst Mayor Ever. Not even Looney Giuliani tried this dishonest insanity!

(My plan has always been that the supermarkets would all have universal canvas bags which you could drop off at any store or deli for reuse, but that wouldn't CREATE another TAX and the tons of cash Bloombag needs to give his cronies even bigger pay raises!)



he helped fuck over lots of honest businesses with the FLUBBED smoking ban and screwed them out of tons of cash by messing up the reasonable exemptions: for instance, the original bill said that a restaurant or bar or whatever could build a smoking-room if it was totally separate from non-smoking areas AND had a ventilation system. (No one hates tobacco more than I and even I thought this was a smart compromise.) So... many businesses spent tons of money to build these ventilated rooms and then Bloombag's Republican buddy, a crook named NYState Governor George Pataki, gutted that exemption and screwed these small businesses out of tons of cash. Bloombag assisted every step!

the Noise pollution so many New Yorkers complain about when smokers are stuck out on the sidewalks making lots of noise at 3am wouldn't be so prevalent if Bloombag wasn't a clueless, intellectually-banrkupt fucktard!

His much-lauded 311 hotline (pitched by me, Mark Green, and others for a decade before Mike "came up" with it) turned out to be a seriously bogus public relations stunt. (Again, it was, in fact, the most expensive Yellow Pages in history!) (My plan for the hotline was that it was OUR burden as your public servants to do more than connect you to another indifferent govt agency. For instance, if you made a complaint and nothing was done to help you, you would get cash back or such, ala the "money back guarantee" many businesses offer. And Bloombag himself promised to run city govt like a business, but then did the exact opposite.)



Speaking of screwing up even the "good" things he's done, his BIKE LANE debacles are impressive and, alone, are enough to deny him credit as anything other than The Worst Mayor Ever.
My plan for bike lanes was simple and smart, unlike Psycho Mike's: take a whole car lane and make it wide (and smooth) enough for not only bikers and rollerbladers, but I intended them to DOUBLE as an Emergency Services Lane, because it's insane that ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, etc, get stuck in Manhattan traffic, day after day.
By contrast, Nutjob Bloombag thought it made sense to WASTE the double-usage so as to ensure that emergency services remain bogged down in traffic gridlock!

(All we have to do is prove ONE person lost their life due to this unnecessary delay to arrest Bloombag on manslaughter charges. Heck, just as drunk driving that leads to NO injuries is still a crime, I don't even have to prove a single injury to nail this dangerous psycho for risking people's lives.) (And so much for planning terror drills! How the fuck are emergency services supposed to cut thru traffic gridlock during a "terror" attack??? Bloombag is the biggest FRAUD in U.S. history.)

did you know that Bloombag wasted millions of your dollars painting bike lanes (that functioned mostly as double-parking lanes for cars and delivery trucks!) then spent millions to REMOVE those lanes using expensive grinding machines? Next, he spent millions more to paint bike lanes A SECOND TIME. (Just as he'd done when he spent millions to stop recycling then spent millions to restart recycling; ditto when he spent millions to cut down perfect trees and then spent millions to plant new ones! See any pattern yet?) (NOTE that the media unanimously says wasting more money than any other pol = fiscal genius!)


PSYCHO MIKE was fined record amounts for BREAKING THE LAW by having his campaign hang vacuous posters (which did nothing other than promoting Tax Hike Mike) ILLEGALLY in 2001 AND 2005 all over public property.

(Don't even get me started on how much LITTER was created by this illegal activity! A mayor who breaks the law to CREATE litter? The entire media says this is a "great" mayor!)

(NOTE: the Dept of Sanitation sends out notices to ALL the campaigns in advance, reminding them to not break the law in order to create litter. But Bloombag just broke the law over and over b/c he could easily afford to pay the fines! Again, he far surpasses a Giuliani or other slimy mayors.)

Bloombag and his super-corrupt Police Commish, Ray Kerik, er, Kelly both have repeatedly said that "violations" are not only real 'CRIME' but that they are enough to throw someone INTO JAIL FOR AT LEAST FOUR DAYS prior to arraignment [see the RNC for instance] ...AND both have said these minor "violations" --hanging the posters on public property -- increase the murder, rape, and robbery rate! It's called "Broken Windows" and both Psycho Mike and his crony Kelly -- along with the entire media and most criminologists -- have said ad nauseum that allowing MINOR LAWS to be broken creates a broken window effect, inspiring MORE CRIME and MORE SERIOUS CRIME, ergo, Bloombag personally inspired more crime by sending a clear message: if the mayor won't even follow the law, why should anyone else? To be generous, I will AGREE with the mayor here that he essentially increased the murder rate! Too bad none of Bloombag's mayoral opponents will call him on this bullshit and hypocrisy and lawlessness!)


PSYCHO MIKE has consistently hired felons to become cops, and has consistently supported CRIMINAL POLICE OFFICERS, and Mike’s criminal Police Commissioner, RAY KERIK, er, KELLY [only hired b/c Convict Kerik turned Mike down!] has also supported crooked cops, even though both know BAD cops hurt GOOD cops and make it harder to stop criminals (because much of the citizenry doesn’t trust cops, duh).

How bad is this scandal? Even all the papers that endorsed Tax Hike Mike wrote multiple stories about how Mike’s corrupt Civilian Complaint Review Board protects bad cops, AND about how Ray Kerik, er, Kelly has protected most bad cops even after they’ve proven to be corrupt! When the people who endorsed you are saying you are a criminal, the game is VERY over.

Like most of Psycho Mike’s scandals, this one ALONE is enough to jail him for the rest of his life.



(EX: Mike put his name in the back of all cabs FOUR different times for no purpose whatsoever other than fame and attention.)


Four years later, he spent $85,000,000 MORE (of his own cash) almost all on self-promotion and nothing else, meaning his spending even a PENNY of our taxdollars to further self-promote is more unjustified than any other politician in all human history! After this largesse, he stole millions MORE of your dollars to put his name on even more public property!

And now he is currently breaking all his own unconscionable self-promotion records (because being the most selfish human in history wasn't enough for him, evidently!) and has promised to spend another HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS on self promotion. (The psychopathic crook could, instead, plant millions of trees around NYC and put a small plaque on each one that says "donated generously by Mike Bloomberg" -- thereby self-promoting AND doing something useful for society---but he is truly the sickest and most insane politician in history I'll argue.)

(Yet still more proof that he is a stereotypical sociopathic dictator criminal. FUN FACT: Chancellor Hitler didn't spend as much money on self-promotion as lunatic Bloombag did!)

(NOTE: There are thousands of related scandals, but don't get me started please! EX: Bloombag saw that Giuliani named a jail after a still-sitting Police Commissioner [Bernie Kerik] [proving instant corruption by both criminals] at enormous cost to taxpayers, and heard that Kerik had stolen money from charities and taxpayers ---Kerik even stole money to make busts of HIMSELF! No wonder Mike begged the criminal to stay in power! Bad minds think alike!)

when Bloombag leaves office (though there's a good chance he's mayor for life!) YOU will have to spend tens of million$ to remove his name... and then tens of millions more putting up the NEXT mayor's name on everything! (He also wasted millions putting his staffers' names on everything, and each time a person switched jobs YOU paid dearly to replace their names!) Suckers!!



Luxury SUV turn corner (14th and 8th) and smash "jaywalking" pedestrian. Witness say going 60mph, then plow into parked cars. Police did not charge!!! See? Critically injured pedestrian.


Donnell Library on 53rd closed to sell to luxury hotel (w new library on ground floor promised). Fell thru. No library nor money to replace!


Least popular politician in all recorded history.


wasted more homeless money than any mayor ever
not help homeless - me


Why booze legal not pot? Can't explain.


MOST TRASH on earth and excess packaging.

treat criminals better than homeless and YOU
I recently had my home, my business, my income, my life savings, and a lot more completely stolen from me and the NYPD (run solely by Mayor Bloombag) and the DA's office refused to do the job they got paid to do. Went to HRA and corrupt.


230% increase in pension payouts since 2003


Stockhholm sidewalk bike paths, nationalized alcohol!




DOI gutted.

Hitler's support real. MB paid for his.

all history says NYC always difficult city to live in; MB not change.


NYPost, April 27th, 2009, 16 YEARS into supersafe city: "14 SHOT IN ONE DAY!" all over city. "Gun reform is working" says MB. Hyacinth Cipades? 13 year old shot in head randomly at Harlem BBQ this May. 2 others also.



RAN TO GET RICH! 68% shareholder!

Kneeling buses


20 year old potholes! (ex: 2nd street tween A and B)


Bike lane scandals: EMS. make, remove, make, remove. cars first = pollution.

Many streets never get bike lane. Delancey.


$4 BILLION ON LAWSUITS no reform - only reform sidewalks


Says pols above law


record graffiti

spent over ten million to put name unnecessarily. after spent 160 million to promote self!

not eminent domain REAL public good buildings. EX: schools, Coney, 3rd street;

Refuse to answer questions = guilt.


Said soldiers volunteer. What options did they have?


NTSB, Roger Cox say MB guilty of 3407 Flight crash in Buffoalo. Copilot Rebecca Shaw commute from Seattle b/c NYC no affordable housing.


KELLY say MB commit endless crime b/c no one does once only.


brokers make $5,000 for hour work? EXTORTION

BOX TOOTHPASTE! Crunch and munch.


stole billions for fake job programs $ to rg mb cronies


systemic violence in Rikers proven from guards / inmates. Fun FAct me too.


57% spike in bank robberies in 2008, years after Kelly complain!


$6 bill schools now $21 bil but no improvements. No fiscal oversight allowed in bill!
City nor state comptrollers have any oversight in MB school control! BF MB INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATOR! (Ed Stancyk?) BF MB contracts over $100K had to be voted on publicly by BOE. MB remove!
(Bush bailouts also block oversight! No auditing allowed!)


Criminologists say MB created almost all crime (DoC) create most crime (costly city!) white collar too! Also capitalism = crime. Selfishness create crime. War on Drugs create crime. Put dads in jail for drugs = son become criminal.


These are my notes to finish others stuff.

NYPD make laws. Video. Photos.


12,000 mexican guns!
Tweed buy off
No articles about crime failures.
No articles about debt.
Said failed CEOs should be paid 5,000 times more than a fireman!
trees by 2030
crime good for economy. Planned obsolescence. Evictions = economic.
put guns on streets!!
Promote subways over bikes! - supporting terrorists via oil!
Destroy our economy personally; rnc; fare hikes; katie levin; temp art Gates = loss of money, touristm.Bush debt; higher taxes;
destroy the arts ; tonic protests
Guy Vellela ?

Charity scams tax write off self-promotion
Support no gay marriage
destroyed Coney Island
destroy williamsburg waterfront wide buildings
In charge of Ground Zero

Bible call him evil!
Anti black. Apartheid. Racist. Jews.
record homeless spending = record homeless (city hall say families w kids 40% increase in just one year and 29% for adult familes) (2008)
Williamsburg bridge injuries
Guy molinari

toxic air
change video laws
3 people = parade
charge victims of crime $10 for justice!
Rainforest wood benches
Seattle cop starting pay was 47k vs 25 k
hydrants at 4 am !
Fake security
protected police who frame!
Broke thousands of laws; poster laws!
Subways as filthy as when I arrive in 1990!!

Kids play in streets!
3rd world: rats roaches bedbygs feces tras grime roads room size sewage to rivers
snapple to kids.
Congestion picing lies.
Go to HITLERANDBLOOMBERG.blogspot.com to see many similarities between Germany’s very “popular” Chancellor Adolf Hitler


Both Giuliani and Bloombag arrest me frequently during RE-ELECTION YEARS (probably pure coincidence, right?) on false charges. Sit back and let's see if they arrest me in 2009 for exposing that this EMPEROR has no clothes! (They certainly can't disprove my facts. Arresting me is their only option besides censorship.)

In fact, Bloombag's cronies (he appoints all the criminal court judges---hello!) gave me a YEAR in jail for misdemeanor speech during the last campaign! (How ironic, considering that Bloombag paid me $35,000 to settle false arrest suits when Giuliani did this crooked Nazi stuff to me!) (Oh that's right: Bloombag pays out over $500 MILLION every year to settle lawsuits due to his endless crimes. But it's all YOUR money, suckers! He cannot be held accountable, suckers!)

Close 16 FDNY units to save $18 million a year??? Gave that much to Yankees in Five minutes! That’s $144 million in 8 years. Bloombag spent $160 million OWN cash in 8 years on races. Opponent $20 mill! MB intend 21% cut to Brooklyn Libraries so Ratner and Silverstein and Steinbrenner can get RICHER!All sacrifice? Explain sacrifices of the rich or Yankees? Givebacks by council for 100% pay hike?? Recession is LIE: other US cities provide more library hours! Houston has 72 hours a week and Bloombag wants only 25 hours a week!! Supported John McCain! Lied about being popular. GOP Rudy won with less! WHY MB not Dem candidate? **************************************************************************************************************************************PLEASE COPY AND PASTE this entire essay somewhere safe if you can, and forward it to a few friends or co-workers, because Bloombag and his cronies will make a few phone calls to have this site shut down because that's what right wing psycho dictator criminals do. They silence their critics. (It's a lot easier than proving my facts wrong or public debates.) (NOTE that Republican Bloombag refuses to debate his Democrat opponents so it's not that he just dislikes little ol' me.) **************************************************************************************************************************************